Sienna Miller splits from Balthazar Getty

Nov 9, 2008 at 2:58 a.m. ET

Actress Sienna Miller arrived at the Hollywood Dominos: VIP Launch in London on Friday missing a recent appendage - married lover Balthazar Getty. She also left with Josh Hartnett!

Sienna out Saturday night where she left with Josh Hartnett

But according to the blond Brit, whose London home was defaced with the word "slut" spray-painted in the outside wall over the summer, there's a good reason for that: the couple has split.

"I'm single at the moment, and I'm completely happy with that," she told US Weekly. "It's nice not to have a relationship that the press constantly want to scrutinize and discuss. I'm cool with being on my own."

The couple's relationship created a scandal when photos were published showing Getty fondling Miller's bare breasts while on vacation. Getty had not yet announced a separation from his wife, the mother of his four children. Miller later sued two British newspapers and a photo agency for breach of privacy after the pictures were published.

Getty finally announced the separation from his wife weeks later. "In light of the fact that many pictures have surfaced in print and on the Internet which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment, I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge publicly that yes indeed my wife and I have separated and I will not be commenting any further," he said.

But in recent weeks, it was rumored that the two were arguing over the fact that Getty had no intention of actually divorcing his wife. The "Brothers and Sisters" star was said to be sitting tight because a divorce would prove too costly.

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