Borat brings Bruno to the big screen

Sasha Baron Cohen is at it again. This time his alter-ego is Bruno!

Sasha Baron Cohen as BrunoSacha Baron Cohen, better known to millions as Borat, is working it like you wouldn’t believe.

One of the characters from his comedic past set to make a big screen splash? Why, it’s Bruno baby, Bruno.

The British comedian is working on a film based on his character Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion reporter who used to conduct gag interviews on his HBO show Da Ali G Show.

Cohen recently went undercover as Bruno by crashing a rally in California in support of the ballot measure to ban gay marriage in California (Editor’s note: Proposition 8, which so far is passing, but still being counted).

In disguise in a blonde wig and preppy outfit he marched with demonstrators as cameras trailed his every move in a rally across from City Hall before he was recognized.

And then there is Bruno’s appearance at Milan’s fashion week where Cohen was escorted off a runway in character. Cohen, as Bruno, walked the runway with panache before being escorted off by security. The entire scene was captured for the movie.

SheKnows can not wait to see it on film!

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