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Stellar Shrek the Halls arrives on DVD for Christmas

Mike Myers is hardly the perfect Christmas gift, but in the form of Shrek the Halls, his Ogre is a true holiday treat.

Shrek gets a little tied up over Christmas

This holiday…go green

Now available on DVD, Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas arrive in a 30-minute short that was aired Christmas 2007 to huge audiences by NBC.

By bringing home the Shrek Christmas experience, DreamWorks Home Entertainment has achieved a holiday treat that will never loose its color, flavor or joy.

DreamWorks gets dreamy

Known for their stellar home entertainment offerings, Dream Works has made this a DVD worth adding to the home library because it packs so much punch in a simple 30 minutes holiday story one could treasure, plus, the disc includes interactive extras sure to entertain any holiday fete. Frankly, we could see watching this gem year-round!

Your kids (that’s what you can tell everyone at the holiday party when you bust it out) will love the 12 Days of Christmas and Deck the Halls Sing-Along special features.

Extras to make an Ogre smile

As DreamWorks Animation continues to spread its wings in new areas of artistic brilliance, the Shrek the Halls DVD’s bonus features extend that streak with Gingy’s Dunking Game (pure delight for the adults!), the always popular DreamWorks Animation Video Julkebox and the Shrek Carnival Craze video game demo.

Shrek and the kids take a holiday walk in Shrek the Halls

Donkey and the Three Blind Mice do their part to steal the film, but again the title of scene stealer goes to Banderas’ Puss in Boots. That face! Those eyes!

Shrek the Halls tells the tale of our favorite green Ogre as he navigates the minefields of celebrating the holidays with family. As in many a great holiday story, the main character, finds himself being warmed over by the heart of Christmas after reluctant beginnings.

Shrek as Santa

The Shrek the Halls DVD leaves SheKnows Entertainment ready to shoot some fake snow on our Southern California front lawn and sing Christmas carols. Join the fun.

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