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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are poised to guest star on How I Met Your Mother.

Will The Hills’ couple you love to hate ever go away?

Speidi in a limo at LAXReports are surfacing that America’s most hated reality TV couple will soon be branching out into scripted TV. 

They’re annoying, useless, plastic, shameless, self-promoting dweebs.

But if you watch any current TV or read any celebrity-oriented websites and-or magazines, there is absolutely no escaping Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Heidi started out on MTV’s The Hills as Lauren Conrad’s sidekick and roommate. Once Heidi started dating Spencer, though, they became Speidi – the couple America loves to hate, and one that essentially has its own show for half of The Hills as Heidi and LC no longer speak.

Having become as big as Lauren Conrad herself, Heidi and Spencer have become their own smarmy, plastic surgery-loving entity – one that has figured out how to parlay America’s hatred of them into big bucks.

With staged photo shoots, paid club appearances and granting interviews to every celebrity gossip tabloid who wants one, Heidi and Spencer are the masters of the fame game here in the 21st Century: They have no talent but don’t pretend to – the appeal of Speidi is that they’ve made themselves ubiquitous. They’re always up to something.

In addition to their reality TV fame, Heidi’s got a clothing line and an album coming out – produced by Spencer of course. Now, rumors are surfacing that the two are looking to break into acting with a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother.

Nothing is set in stone, but the episode would air in December. After you roll your eyes at the thought, admit it – you’re secretly curious what The Hills‘ gruesome twosome would be like on a real TV show. Either that or you’d watch just to ridicule them constantly.

Either way, they win. Which they know.

If this comes to fruition, it would mean, if nothing else, that Britney Spears – who guest starred on How I Met Your Mother earlier this year as part of her career “comeback” – would have some competition for what looked like an easy win in the Emmy in the Best Stunt Casting in a Mid-Level Sitcom category.

One How I Met Your Mother insider we spoke to has even offered a potential angle: Barney (Neil Patrick Harris’ womanizing character) will meet and hit on Heidi, leading to a confrontation with Spencer.

A fist fight between Spencer Pratt and Neil Patrick Harris on network television? Now that might actually be worth watching!

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