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Heath Ledger’s last film, Dark Knight, coming to DVD December 9

The Dark Knight triumphed not only at the box office but serving as a proper final film for its true star, Heath Ledger. That brilliant film now has a DVD street date – December 9.

Thanks to Warner Brothers for this preview to The Dark Knight on DVD, an instant classic. 

Millions saw the film, and even if you have, this is one film worth a new visit. If you haven’t witnessed the film or are not into comic book movies, think again.

The Dark Knight is simply put, a fantastic film worthy of anyone’s 10 best of 2008. Hint…hint! Stay tuned for SheKnows Best of 2008.

Especially on DVD, this movie experience could not be better. Could Heath Ledger’s Joker creepy-factor possibly be any higher? That is highly unlikely and let’s not forget the buzz that has died down about Ledger receiving an Oscar nomination for his portrayal.

Don’t count it out – Hollywood loves to reward a lifetime of work and there is none more deserving than Ledger’s.

The Dark Knight, on DVD December 9

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