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ABC bucks Barack with Pushing Daisies to Private Practice

Tonight Barack Obama spreads his message but two networks have opted out — what do you think of that?

My TV was working overtime last night and it all began with my wish coming true on Dancing with the Stars. I love ya, Cloris, but I applauded when they said it was her turn to leave the ballroom. Shhh…Hear that? It’s the sound of the censors letting go of the breath they were holding. Funny right up until the end, she went out like a champ but now it’s time to really get down to business. With injuries plaguing so many of the players, there’s no clear winner in the bunch and that makes it really fun to watch.

NCIS was extra creepy for Halloween with a serial killer who video taped his kills and put them up on the Internet. I love it when crime dramas make use of current technology this way writing plots that wouldn’t have even happened twenty years ago. Though I don’t watch it regularly (thanks to Sarah Connor) I always enjoy NCIS. I also want to give a special shout out to victim number one — Brian Groh — he starred in a movie I assistant directed called Callous, so it was really cool to see him on TV.

Last night was my first experience with Simon Baker’s new show, The Mentalist. Like Numb3rs and Eleventh Hour, this crime drama features a quirky specialist who aids the police. In this case, a man who is an expert at picking up behavioral cues. Interesting premise, but I quickly got bored with Baker’s patented mysterious smile and it was all a bit too cute for my taste. One girl horribly murdered, a second traumatized into amnesia and still it felt like it was being played for laughs. Not something I want to see every week but apparently I’m alone in that since the show is doing quite well.

Tonight On TV — Wednesday, October 29

ABC and The CW are rolling with their usual line up sans Obama.

On ABC it’s Pushing Daisies, which is slowly sinking in the ratings, that’s followed by an election of a different sort on Private Practice, and it’s a therapy session for one couple on Dirty Sexy Money.

You never know what they're up to on Pushing Daisies

CBS, Fox and NBC will all start their nights with a paid political message from Barack Obama.

ANTM moves towards crowning a champ

After that, CBS goes with The New Adventures of Old Christine, Criminal Minds, and CSI: NY.

NBC follows with Deal or No Deal and then Victory has a nightmare about Joe on Lipstick Jungle.

Fox’s schedule is a mystery. Some people will have baseball, others will have Bonesreruns, check your local listings for details.

Wednesday is one of my favorite nights on The CW. It’s that point in the competition where they fly oversees on America’s Next Top Model and on Stylista the contestants have to show off both their trend setting skills and writing abilities.

Over on cable

Bravo is the place to be at 10:00 for part one of the two-part season finale of Top Design.

The Mythbusters, on Discovery, go all Indiana Jones for a jailbreak stunt and The Ghost Hunterson SCI FI Channel visit the USS Hornet.

AMC’s Fearfest continues with Jason Goes to Hell and Willard but if that’s too scary for you, try Twitches on Disney or The Scream Teamon Toon Disney.

News and notable

With the success of the new 90210, The CW is looking into a revival of Melrose Place. Why not? Stay tuned for our interview with Melrose star Daphne Zuniga.

Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell is moving over to Grey’s Anatomy.

Katie Holmes will likely make a return visit to Eli Stone.

Bravo is in development on a docu-drama about Americans and Brits living in Dubai.

Today’s clip: The CW’s Stylista

Photo credit:
Pushing Daisies: Dim Sum Lose Some – Pictured Anna Friel and Kristin Chenoweth. (ABC/Danny Feld)
America’s Next Top Model – Pictured Left to Right: Supermodel Paulina Porizkova and runway expert J. Alexander. Photo: Michael Desmond/The CW

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