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Sally Hawkins’ 10 Steps to a Positive Lifestyle

In Happy-Go-Lucky, Sally Hawkins is Poppy, a delightful soul in a mad cap world who always seems to be, well…happy.

Hawkins has given SheKnows an exclusive look at what she believes is the 10 Steps to a Positive Lifestyle.

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Let’s get happy.

10. Stay happy

Much as Happy-Go-Lucky’s film suggests, Sally Hawkins Poppy is a bright light, always seeing the positive in every situation.

Poppy learns to drive in Happy-Go-Lucky...and hilarity ensues

When the film begins, Poppy’s bike is stolen and Hawkins, as she effortlessly portrays her, sees it as an opportunity to finally learn how to drive.

Stay happy indeed!

9. Take dancing lessons

Boogie down, Sally says. Poppy and her friends love to head out and have a few pints at the pub. But witness her character on the dance floor in Happy-Go-Lucky and you have a study in happy at its happiest.

8. Be a faithful friend

In Happy-Go-Lucky, Sally’s Poppy is not only a roommate to Zoe, but her BFF. Having a support system beyond people to enjoy life is the key to staying happy.

Poppy goes for a cruise with her BFF

Hawkins has been earning serious Oscar buzz for her turn as Poppy and after witnessing the magic that is Happy-Go-Lucky, it is easy to see why. In her scenes with Zoe, Hawkins illuminates the true nature of being a faithful friend.

7. Jump on a trampoline

Mike Leigh’s comedy finds some of its lighter moments as Hawkins is bouncing airborne during her trampoline sessions. Having moments to reflect on life while getting a workout sounds fab! Staying centered is key to long term happiness.

6. Remember to smile

Smiling, it has been proven, tends to lead to happiness. Please, right!

But seriously, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown it has been said and that sentiment could not be more true in Hawkins’ Poppy.

Poppy is always smiling...a key to happiness

With numerous obstacles in her way, she either walks around them singing a tune or leaps over them on her trampoline, Poppy is frequently smiling. Putting forth happiness tends to attract it.

5. Surround yourself with good people

Negative energy is a cancer in anyone’s life. Having people in your world that are positive and always have the best interest of all involved is a priceless asset in the daily war to remain happy.

In Happy-Go-Lucky, life lessons are learned by Hawkins’ Poppy along the way. Her life isn’t perfect! But with the good people around her, it’s easier for her to clearly see the negative energy folks for what they are – the opposite of happy.

4. Treat every bump in the road as another opportunity

First the bicycle was stolen, then Poppy’s schoolteacher witnesses a young boy beating on another boy outside. Both situations she saw as a chance to delve into the unknown believing that it possesses endless opportunity.

Reaching out to the troubled boy may open a door to finding love in a school counselor, a place she never would have been had she not ventured outside her comfort zone.

3. Laughter is the best medicine

Sitting in laugh therapy sessions for a feature a few years ago, at first it seems completely forced. But, what those who practice it believe – came true. After even 30 seconds of laughter, you begin to laugh at the laughing and stress and life’s worries melt away.

Sally Hawkins and director Mike Leigh have a laugh

That can be true from watching Jim Carrey or something funny your child does, as long as laughter is a daily dose, hopefully multiple doses throughout each day, happiness will ensue.

2. Be open to new things

Hawkins is frankly at her charming best when she takes dancing classes with a teacher friend. Watching her learn these centuries-old dance moves with her fashion flair, flawless smile and her uncanny ability to be open to new things is an utter delight.

1. Find the best in people

Hawkins told SheKnows to surround oneself with good people and to be a good friend. But, at the root of all of the above, happiness could not be achieved without finding the good in all people.

The inner belief that each soul possesses innate goodness is not only at the heart of Mike Leigh’s fantastic Happy-Go-Lucky, it lies at the foundation of a happy life.

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