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Hayden Panettiere saves the whales again

It is one year to the day since Hayden Panettiere, star Heroes, went to Japan and made a scene for Greenpeace on behalf of the Save the Whales campaign and Panettiere has taken to the online airwaves to plea for help in her cause once again.

It was Panettiere scaling the beaches of Taiji, Japan in protest one year ago that resulted in the Heroes star having a warrant issued for her arrest. Now, she is protesting on the streets of Washington, D.C.

Hayden address the nation

In her video plea, Panettiere is asking her fans other like-minded people to sign a petition that will land on the desks of those participating in next year’s International Whaling Commission global meeting.

Her hope: one million signatures. If you are interested, be sure to visit the Whaleman Foundationand sign the petition to outlaw whale fishing internationally. Their arguments point to the fact that there is nothing from a whale that cannot be created synthetically and often times, is a significant improvement.

“I need you to go to and choose the Whaleman Foundation as your charity and adding it to your MySpace, your Facebook, your blog, whatever it is you do online. You will earn donations to the cause without even having to pay a single cent,” she says on the video.

“At the same time, you’ll be signing onto our petition to end this needless slaughter. Our goal is to get 1 million of you to sign up by the June 2009 meeting of the International Whaling Commission, when I will personally deliver the petition.”

October 27, 2008

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