CBS has NCIS and The Mentalist take lead from Dancing with the Stars on ABC

Oct 28, 2008 at 4:11 p.m. ET

The Mentalist sees if it can continue to win over audiences. Last night, Dancing with the Stars was the only show on my list and even that wasn't fabulous.

Last night was the slowest TV night I've had in a long while...don't miss my DWTS recap here.

With nothing else to occupy me, I thought I'd give VH1's new Scream Queens a try and I found it rather amusing. It's yet another reality competition show, this time vying for a part as a victim in the next Saw movie. Believe me, it's not as easy as it looks. I once auditioned for a horror movie and it's tough to scream like you're being murdered when you're standing in an office with four people staring at you!

Last night, the girls worked on making a good first impression and then they had a photoshoot for a fake horror movie poster - very America's Next Top Model only without the budget. Fun stuff and I'll likely tune in again next week.

Simon Baker has himself a huge hit in The Mentalist

Tonight On TV - Tuesday, October 28

Tonight is the complete opposite of last night. My DVR is overflowing with shows to record, some I'll be catching for the first time this season. Take a look.

CBS celebrates Halloween with a very spooky NCIS and that's followed by a little regression therapy on The Mentalist, and an Amber Alert is issues on Without a Trace.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

The holiday season never officially begins until Charlie Brown and his friends appear on the primetime schedule.

ABC has the Charlie Brown special at 8:00 and that's followed by the Dancing with the Stars Results Show and Eli Stone.

Someone breaks a record on NBC's The Biggest Loser then it's a question of questionable ethics on Law & Order: SVU.

On Fox House treats a severe case of sleepwalking and then it's a repeat of Fringe.

It's hard having good family relationships when you're a rich teen, so saith The CW's 90210 and Privileged.

The girls of Priviliged get serious on the CW

Over on cable

ABC Family is looking good tonight with new episodes of Lincoln Heights and Greek. Top that off with a spooky repeat of the old Scariest Places on Earth.

AMC celebrates the season with Jeepers Creepers and Bride of Chucky, Biography has a full night of Urban Legends and Ripley's Believe it or Not.

SCI FI continues the scares with Freddy vs Jason and then Scare Tactics at 10:00.

News and notable

CBS has pulled The Ex-List from their Friday night line-up. The nine o'clock hour has been a constant problem for CBS despite being bookended by two hits, Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs. Reruns of other CBS shows will fill the slot in the immediate future.

Hallmark will air the second season of their show Adoption online at

A&E has renewed Benjamin Bratt's show The Cleaner for another season.

And here's one I'm excited about. A new series for ABCFamily called Perfect 10 all about a group of girls out to become Olympic gymnasts.

So You Think You Can Dance has set up auditions for their new season. Visit for the schedule and locations.

Photo credit:
The Mentalist: Redwood, Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS
Privileged: All About the Haves and Have-Nots - Pictured (l-r) Ashley Newbrough as Sage, Lucy Kate Hale as Rose and JoAnna Garcia as Megan. Photo: Scott Humbert/The CW

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