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Dancing with the Stars week six recap

And the hits just keep on coming! Last night’s installment of Dancing with the Stars was a wacky mess, due to both production issues and medical ones.

Julianne’s hospital update

The biggest story during last night’s Dancing with the Stars was Julianne Hough. News sources put Julianne in the hospital with stomach pains after last week’s show and ovarian cysts were rumored. The rehearsal package made it clear that she lost some time with partner Cody but she looked like she was in serious pain when she hit the dance floor. Holding herself stiff and barely breathing, she told Samantha that she was diagnosed with endometriosis and she’d be having her appendix removed today! Trooper that she is, she swore she’d be back next week but I just don’t see it. She obviously needs some downtime in order to recover so if Cody makes it through, he’ll be dancing with Edyta.

Julianne huts it through on DWTS

Next up was the substitution of Michael Flatley for Len Goodman. As you might expect, the guest judge went easy on everyone offering up much higher scores than most of them deserved. While it was frustrating to see (being so familiar with Len’s style of judging) I don’t think it skewed the competition at all as he was overly generous with everyone.

The comedy of Cloris

Now let’s talk Cloris. I love her as an actress and I think she’s a hoot but this is getting ridiculous and Carrie Ann said it out loud! While critiquing Cloris’ dance, Carrie Ann said it was a shame that a good dancer like Toni got booted out of the competition for “this.” The audience tried to boo her but their heart wasn’t in it. Everyone knows it’s time for Cloris to go. Yes, she’s good for her age, but at this point everyone should be held up to the same standard and that’s not happening. A perfect example was in the group hip hop number. The choreographer had no choice but to feature Cloris in a couple of cutesy moves then shove her to the back to vamp until the number was done. Come on voters, let it go already.

Cloris is still giving it a go on Dancing with the Stars at 82 years young

The best of the rest

On the upside of the night, Lance and Lacey finally made it to the top of the leaderboard thanks to three things. A great Jive, no Len and Brooke injuring her foot.

Brooke and Derek performed a Rumba that would be considered great for most, but wasn’t up to their usual standard. Flatley went crazy and gave them a ten.

Warren and Kym turned in a respectable Rumba but not my favorite dance from them, either.

Maurice and Cheryl were very watchable with their romantic Viennese Waltz but they ended up second from the bottom on the judge’s leaderboard.

Susan and Tony again received praise and good scores from the judges but I don’t see it. She still looks too breakable and tentative. If it wasn’t for Cloris, she’d be my vote to go home.

Speaking of Cloris, she and Corky did a Cha Cha – well, that’s what they were supposed to be doing but in reality they were doing some odd vaudeville routine. Please tell me it’s over.

Now that we’re more than half-way into the competition, I’m still not seeing anyone that wows me as past contestants have. Cloris, Susan and Maurice should be the next three to go. Cody and Warren next with Lance and Brooke as the final two. That’s my call. What’s yours?

Tonight, Michael Flatley sets his feet on fire and we’ll see a musical performance by Pussycat Dolls and Missy Elliott.

Catch Dancing with the Stars the performance show every Monday at 8:00 on ABC with the results show on Tuesday at 9:00.

Photo: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

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