SheKnows talks Tinker Bell with Kristin Chenoweth, Selena Gomez and other stars at the Disney premiere

Oct 28, 2008 at 12:03 p.m. ET

Disney rolled out the green carpet for the premiere of Tinker Bell, the full-length animated tale that goes back to the days before Peter Pan, and SheKnows was invited!

Tinker Bell and Kristin Chenowith smile for SheKnows

SheKnows goes fantasy

As live fairies danced around El Capitan Theater on Hollywood Blvd, we chatted up all the stars, including Kristin Chenoweth, Mae Whitman, Selena Gomez and Nikki Micheaux.

First up was Kristin Chenoweth, who certainly looks the part of Tinker Bell in real life, but plays Pixie Hollow's resident diva in the movie.

"I play Fairy Rosetta," Chenoweth explains to SheKnows. "She's in charge of the flowers and plants. She's very girly and doesn't like to get dirty. She likes to dress up and look pretty and makeover her friends.

"They sent me the script and said, 'It's so obvious we want you to play Rosetta.'" Chenoweth continues. "I didn't know how to take that! I said, 'Isn't she a bit of a diva!?' I thought they were going to suggest Tinker Bell, but it turns out this character is the most fun to play. She has a little naughty streak and by the end of the movie, you see how she changes, becoming less about her and more about other people. It's a great lesson for kids."

As you'd can expect, Rosetta's is not the only lesson kids will pick up from this Disney movie. At the center of it all, is our favorite fairy, Tinker Bell, who has her own lessons to learn.

"It's such a cute little story, because it's all about self esteem," Chenoweth raves. "Even though Tink's gawky, awkward and a tomboy who doesn't quite fit in, she has confidence about herself and inspires people. That's a great message."

Side slice: At the pie hole with David Arquette

We couldn't let Chenoweth leave without grilling her about life on her hit show, Pushing Daisies. As viewers may know, while the star was on the green carpet with SheKnows, her wacky character Olive was heading back from her time in seclusion.

"I had fun at the nunnery, but Olive is going back to The Pie Hole and I am so glad to be out of the habit!" Chenoweth cheers. "She's going to try to move forward in her life and we have a new suitor: David Arquette!"

The funny guy has already shot two episodes as Olive's new suitor, Randy and it sounds like we can expect good things.

"All I have to say is: Courtney Cox is one lucky lady!" Chenoweth raves. "He is delightful. Olive wants to find someone that will actually have a relationship with her...I don't know how successful she'll be with that."

Kristin smiles at the October 18 premiere of Tinker BellChenoweth seems to be doing better than her character in that department. Her handsome escort to the movie premiere is Charlie McDowell, her real life leading man, not to mention her other half this Halloween.

"He's much younger than me, so we want to go as Demi and Ashton," Chenoweth shares. "I'm going to wear a black wig and a Charlie's Angel's t-shirt!"

On top of all this activity, Chenoweth just released her new album, A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas.

"Everyone should go get it!" she insists. "I'm so proud of it. I love that there are old, old songs that not everyone will remember and then the obvious classics and two new songs."

She may seem like the Energizer Bunny, but Chenoweth admits she's exhausted and happily complains, "I have no life!" Of course, two seconds later, the star of stage, TV, big screen and more tells us what she still hasn't managed to get done.

"I wouldn't mind having my own makeup line, Little Diva Makeup," she says, clearly having thought it out. "I'm a bit like Rosetta in that I love products. I love sparkly and pink – like everyone!"

Tinker Bell, herself!

Next up on the green carpet was the young actress who plays Tink, Mae Whitman. Her long list of credits starts at age three, but SheKnows almost didn't recognize her. The vet showed up with a blonde, cropped hairdo that reminded us of, well...her character's hair!

"It wasn't inspired by her," Whitman insists with a laugh. "I change my hair all the time. It's almost monthly, but everybody was so excited when they found out I went blonde. I showed up at the recording studio and they were like, 'Yay, you look like Tinker Bell!'"

The green carpet felt magicalWhitman takes that as a compliment. She would have scaled mountains to land this role, if only she'd known about it.

"They didn't tell me that's what the audition was," she explains. "They said, 'It's not a big deal. Just read it.' Then I did and they were like, 'Actually, it's Tinker Bell."

With Tinker Bell set for release on DVD and Blue Ray October 28, Whitman admits to being a tad nervous.

"It's the first time Tinker Bell's ever spoken and now all these people are going to hear it: What if they hate it?" she cringes. "What's so cool is, like all of John Lasseter's movies, including Ratatouille, it's is very realistic, and they got great actors to support."

Even better, this film is just the beginning. Disney plans to roll out three more Tink movies, to start with, creating a whole new franchise.

"We've secretly started production on the others," Whitman reveals. "On the first movie I didn't get to work with anybody, but now I've gotten tot record with Pammy Adlon, who plays Vidia, who's known me since I was a baby."

Before letting Whtiman go, SheKnows couldn't resist asking if she's managed to have a "normal" life growing up in the biz.

"I have no normal life," Whitman deadpans. "No, I actually went to a normal high school and graduated. I have a semi-normal boyfriend and a semi-normal godson. We're all teetering on the edge of craziness, but I think we manage to hold it down okay."

Disney song bird

Disney's teen sensation Selena Gomez, from Wizards of Waverly Place, doesn't play one of the Hollow locals, but she did have a role in Tinker Bell.

"I sing the theme of the movie," she reveals, referring to the track Fly to Your Heart, which plays during the movie's end credits. "The producers of the song gave me the lyrics and the theme of the movie, so we had a feel for it, and then we all got into the studio and played around with it. I had an 86-piece orchestra, so it was gorgeous."

With her own album due out in 2009, Gomez is already talking about going on tour someday, but don't expect her future tunes to sound like Fly to Your Heart.

"It's definitely different from the music I will be going out with, but it's a cute song with a great message," she says of the track. "I mainly did this for my young audience, many of whom are 12 and under. It was fun and so cute!"

Selana Gomez strikes a pose for SheKnowsGomez already did the Disney princess thing, having starred in Another Cinderella Story, but there's still another fairy tale she'd love to get in on.

"My favorite Disney princess would have to be Cinderella, because of the movie, but I love Alice and Wonderland," she reveals. "I have it on DVD. I begged for it on my birthday. I'd love to do that movie, too, but Tim Burton's doing it right now. I'm so jealous! It's going to be crazy awesome."

Audience from Lincoln Heights

|Our last visit was with Nikki Micheaux, from ABC Family's Lincoln Heights, whose young daughter was both resplendent and awestruck in a green fairy costume.

"We're here for the fun," Micheaux tells SheKnows. "My daughter loves this movie and last time, at the preview, she didn't get to wear the whole outfit, so this time she got to do it up for the crowd. This is the first time she's done a carpet and she's not in tears, so I say, 'Everything's going great.' What she really wanted was to meet the fairies!"

As if they heard the call, two fairies whisked over, distracting us for a bit, before leaving mom to talk up her show.

"Lincoln Heights is the only black drama on television," Micheaux sets up. "It's about a cop who moves his family back to the inner city to try to make a difference in the neighborhood. They've been there three years now.

"You know, we all talk about problems with poverty or the education system, but how do we make a difference?" she poses. "These are people who are walking the talk. It is a beautiful show."

In fact, she's like to ask you to tune in (after you pick up your copy of Tinker Bell, of course).

"Give us a chance," Micheaux dares. "There's nothing like it on TV. We happen to be black, but over 70 percent of our audience isn't, because of the appeal of the family and the topics we hit. It's a universal story."

Talk about topical – an upcoming episode has the local grandmother facing foreclosure.

Check it out for yourself Tuesday nights on ABC Family, and look for Tinker Bell on DVD and Blu-ray starting October 28.

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