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Elisabeth Hasselbeck wants Barack Obama on The View

Barack Obama has been on The View and answered dozens of questions from the ladies including conservative host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Elisabeth at the Disney Sleeping Beauty DVD premiere

After a weekend rally where Hasselbeck spoke for Governor Sarah Palin and her efforts to become Vice President for candidate John McCain’s presidential ambitions, Hasselbeck announced she wants Barack back on The View.

She has some follow-up questions.

Never mind that the election is seven days away and it is at a fever pitch that is palpable. Both candidates are busy in swing states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

What’s fascinating about Hasselbeck’s current excitement is her normal zeal for politics is so much further jazzed after attending that rally in Tampa, Florida.

Whether or not she can translate that excitement for her candidate into an appearance by Barack Obama is hard to know.
If we know the Obama campaign, even if the appearance is by satellite, they will make it happen. No one loves engaging in a spirited debate about the issues more than Barack Obama and Elisabeth Hasselbeck…it’s great TV!

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