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Steven Soderbergh wants Catherine Zeta Jones to play Cleopatra

Catherine Zeta Jones has worked with Steven Soderbergh before on Traffic and the pairing produced Oscar nominations for the film including Best Picture. News arrives that the actress-director tandem will again team up for an iconic story from ancient history – Cleopatra.

Catherine the great set to play CleoCleopatra is coming to the big screen and the director believes that Zeta-Jones will be perfect in the titular role.

The film will be a musical and we should note, the last time Zeta-Jones sang for a role in Chicago, the film won Best Picture and she won Best Supporting Actress.

Soderbergh has also started discussions with Hugh Jackman to portray Roman Mark Antony for the film he is calling Cleo.

The last time Mark and Cleopatra heated up the screen was a legendary performance on and off screen by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

There’s also word that Soderbergh is considering filming the epic in 3-D joining a building list of films coming out of Hollywood in that format including last summer’s Brendan Frasier starring Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Cleopatra’s story is one of power, greed, lust and corruption.

It’s perfect for our time!

Zeta-Jones’ Cleopatra is known for seducing and discarding men on her way up to being queen when she falls for Mark Antony, a member of the enemy who could bring down an empire.

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