Pete Wentz says Katy Perry knife photo fuss is silly

Angelina Jolie gives Maddox knives and nobody blinks. Katy Perry poses with one and the world erupts in horror.

Katy jamming live in Australia

There’s a photo floating around of Perry holding a switchblade knife close to her eye is causing a storm and forced the Kissed A Girl singer to respond.

Pete Wentz and the boys in Fall Out Boy have also come to the aide of their Warped Tour mate.

Perry is accused of bringing violence into glamour and asked to think of the younger fans who witness the photo.

Wentz told the UK magazine Starthat the entire affair is preposterous.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous to compare that photo to somebody promoting violence,” Wentz says.

Wentz and his bandmates are close friends with Perry’s boyfriend Travis McCoy.

Wentz says that the photo is from long ago and is out of context. The photo is a tribute to the iconic film, A Clockwork Orange.

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