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Incredible Hulk DVD is one impressive beast

When Edward Norton decided to paint himself green for an update of The Incredible Hulk, audiences cringed because of the memory of the Ang Lee version that could have killed a beast that no enemy could.

Liv Tyler finds a heart inside Edward Norton's Hulk

Fixing a franchise

Norton, with Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and William Hurt, headline a cast that has done justice to the Marvel Comic legend that is the second film in the comic book studio’s arsenal from the summer.

Their first incarnation, Iron Man, triumphed, as does director Louis Letterrier’s vision of The Incredible Hulk.

After Lee brought overt emotion and philosophical overtones to a comic book, it is nice to see so quickly, another group of artists take the mantle and save the franchise for the well-deserving fans.

The DVD is a celebration of that creative achievement for fans and newbies to The Incredible Hulk world.

Incredible Hulk is a familiar tale, the scientist, Bruce Banner, who become a little green and large when he gets angry, must elude capture while he finds a cure for what enrages him.

Norton, an Academy Award nominee, has the perfect acting pedigree to efficiently and effectively tackle this complex character. When he transforms into a giant CG monster, the facial movements and eye-centered emotion work brilliantly because of Norton’s performance.

Edward Norton gets into The Hulk 

Tyler could have taken the role as the wispy girlfriend and played it as such. This actress managed to inject believability into her role as a scientist who is also racing for a cure to Banner’s Hulkian tendencies.

Check out the scene where she steps in front of a speeding tank and tell me this daughter of a rock star can’t act!

The Incredible Hulk DVD is out now!

Green with extras

As seems to be the norm lately, The Incredible Hulk 3-disc set includes a digital copy of the film so users can download to iPods or digital video players such as Windows Media Player.
Of course, those are for the hardcore fans, but even the average audience member who enjoyed the film will treasure in the DVD’s wealth of extras.

Audiences are accustomed to alternative endings on DVDs, but an alternative opening?

The Incredible Hulk provides just that and if watched after seeing the film provides a priceless look into the creative avenues that this franchise could follow in the future.

Overall, The Incredible Hulk DVD makes us want to go green.

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