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Dancing with the Stars: week five recap

Dancing with the Stars added four new dances to the show’s usual ballroom line-up. The West Coast Swing, Salsa, Hustle and Jitterbug had even the pros stressing, as many of them had never even tried these styles themselves. Cody Linley came away with his best scores but I fear what tonight might bring. Let’s take a look at how it all went down.

Going high on Dancing with the StarsIn another twist, each of the couples went head-to-head against another couple doing the same dance. At the top of the heap was both Brooke and Derek and Cody and Julianne doing the Jitterbug. They both were fun, energetic and the tricks just kept on coming.

Cody, in particular, really made an impression this week with what has got to be the perfect dance for him. Trouble is, will he be able to maintain that momentum when it comes to less raucous dances on Dancing with the Stars.

Maurice and Cheryl and Cloris and Corky both served up some spicy Salsa. Maurice really upped his game tonight and it showed in this fast and fun dance. Cloris and Corky, as usual went for entertainment value over technical merit. They were also fun to watch, but honestly, I hope it’s Cloris who goes home tonight.

Warren and Kym and Susan and Tony ended up in the middle of the pack with the Hustle. And it’s here I have a bone to pick with the judges. Warren and Kym were amazing, really bringing the crowd to their feet. But Susan and Tony continue to look timid on the dance floor. Yes, I know she’s dancing with a broken foot, but that shouldn’t lift her scores. I just don’t understand what they see in Susan. She’s not entertaining, she’s not dynamic, she’s not grabbing the audience. She would have been in my bottom two, for sure.

And speaking of bottom two, guess who is down there next to Cloris and Corky. Lance and Lacey! What! That’s insane. I swear the judges have it in for this poor girl and she took it hard last night. It was West Coast Swing for them and for Toni and Alec. Ironically, Lacey is a champ in this dance and I think it put undo pressure on her to perform. She ended up with a routine that showcased her skills while Lance was mostly a prop. The judges dinged her hard for it giving them only a 21 (which seems good but it was the lowest score of the night.) Lacey looked close to tears thanks to what must have felt like a personal attack. Poor thing.

Lancing is falling down for DWTS

Toni and Alec faired only a little better with their swing and that’s confusing to me, too. Toni should be better than she is on the floor. She looks good in rehearsals, she seems to have all the necessary skills and yet every week she falls a little flat. With only one point keeping her out of the bottom two, it’s possible that Toni could be going home tonight instead of the popular Cloris. I hope not. It’s going to be a nail-biter!

Tonight on the Dancing with the Stars results show, Brian Setzer and his Orchestra will be on hand to perform. He’s one of my favorites so I’m really looking forward to that. Also, Tom says we’ll have the most elaborate dance routine ever done in the ballroom with 24 dancers and it may even rain. Rain? It’s a salute to the history of Macy’s, so I know it will be theatrical. Can’t wait.

Catch Dancing with the Stars the performance show every Monday at 8:00 on ABC with the results show on Tuesday at 9:00.

(Photos by ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

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