Dancing with the Stars gets its final four while Eli Stone gets Katie Holmes

Oct 21, 2008 at 5:37 p.m. ET

They made Dancing with the Stars history last night, when they added four new dances to the show's usual ballroom line-up. The West Coast Swing, Salsa, Hustle and Jitterbug had even the pros stressing, as many of them had never even tried these styles themselves. Cody Linley came away with his best scores but I fear what tonight might bring.

I'll tell you why in my recap coming later today.

Sarah Connor got that full season pick-up but they need to pick-up the pace. Last year the show was accused of throwing too much at you, this year -- it's not enough. I love this series but at the half hour mark last night I found myself gaping with amazement! Only half over? I felt like I'd already sat through an hour and then some. Come on show, don't fail me now.

Have you seen the Fine Living Network show Whatever, Martha! Martha's daughter Alexis and her friend Jennifer watch segments from old Martha Stewart episodes, commenting Mystery Science Theater style. Apparently, growing up with the ultimate housewife for a mom wasn't all that much fun. This show, however, is a hoot. Check your local listings for times.

Tonight On TV - Tuesday, October 21

Since ABC canceled Opportunity Knocks, you'll get a little extra Dancing with the Stars tonight. The Brian Setzer Orchestra will be in the house (I love them!) and they'll be attempting the biggest production number ever mounted on the show. That's followed by the often musical Eli Stone with special guest star Katie Holmes.

Say hey Katie! Katie Holmes is on tonight's Eli Stone

NBC turns over most of Tuesday night to The Biggest Loser and that's followed by Law & Order: SVU with guest star James Brolin.

CBS is up to no good tonight with NCIS, the death of a embezzling banker on The Mentalist, and the son of a secret service agent disappears Without a Trace.

The CW serves up a rerun of 90210 and then a new episode of Privileged with guest Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model.

Privilidged posesIt's all fun until someone has a seizure on House and then it's a gruesome installment of Fringe with a disease that causes people's brains to boil over.

Over on cable

Frank TV returns to TBS tonight with his long list of fabulous impressions.

Animal Planet begins Living with the Wolfman.

The season finale of General Hospital Night Shift is da bomb (literally). Catch it on SoapNet.

Finally, it's a recycled runway show on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on Oxygen at 10:00.

News and notable

Today's news is out to please:

Want election news and your CW shows, too? No problem. The CW will air specially shortened episodes of 90210 and Privileged on Tuesday, November 4, so you can see election coverage without missing a single, squeeable minute.

Want to watch Oprah in Spanish? Now you can through the Secondary Audio Programming option on your cable box if you live in one of six major Spanish-speaking cities.

Want more of your favorite TV shows? No problem. Dexter just got picked up for two more seasons, Knight Rider got a full season and Privileged got an order for additional episodes.

Photo Credit:
Eli Stone: Grace - Pictured: Katie Holmes, Jonny Lee Miller, Photo credit: ABC/Karen Neal
Privileged: All About Appearances -- Pictured (l-r) Nigel Barker as himself, Lucy Kate Hale as Rose, Ashley Newbrough as Sage, and Anne Archer as Laurel. Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/The CW

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