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Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino bringing Basterds back

Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt have begun filming the war drama Inglorious Basterds. The director behind Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown is saying on his blog that audiences will never believe the performance from Pitt in his remake of the 1950s classic.

Brad Pitt suits up for Quentin TarantinoIt has hard to comprehend that audiences could see another side of Pitt.

The actor has gone from frantically funny in Burn After Reading to English gypsy in Snatch effortlessly. It’s not that audiences do not appreciate a talent, it seems funny that our expectations of a great actor could go any higher.

“Let me introduce you to the principal Basterd, the head honcho Basterd, most Inglourious of all Basterds, Lt. Aldo Raine (insert applause here),” Tarantino says on his blog.

“Remember, this ain’t your Warner Brothers 1950s WW2 hero, this is a hillbilly straight from the mountains of Tennessee, a man with a scar around his neck that ‘will never once be mentioned.'”

We stand corrected, Brad Pitt can still surprise, that role, given the backdrop of World War II, with Tarantino directing should take the actor to new places of accolade.

Pitt’s Raine is in Nazi occupied France where a group of Jewish soldiers are selected, called “The Basterds,” to strike fear in the heart of the Nazis by brutally scalping and killing their soldiers.

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