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How the Jeri Ryan scandal gives us Barack Obama

Could actress Jeri Ryan be one of the reasons Barack Obama is weeks away from possibly becoming America’s next president?

Pregnant and happy with her new man, running against Obama miles awayYes, actually!

It was Jeri Ryan’s husband, Jack, who was running for Senate in 2004 against Barack Obama in Illinois.

Jack Ryan was a formidable candidate, but a sex scandal involving his wife Jeri would derail his Senatorial dreams and illuminate those of Obama.

It was late in the campaign and the Republicans had no one set to run against Obama after his history-making speech at the Democratic National Convention. The Republicans would eventually run Alan Keys, who lost to Obama in a landslide.

Jeri Ryan divorced her husband in 1999 because of numerous reasons, but the foremost was the way he alledgedly treated her. It was said that the Senator-wanna-be took his wife to sex clubs across the world and forced her to perform acts while he watched. Ryan has denied ever taking part in these activities.

Eventually, Jeri would grow tired of this lifestyle and break free. But it was when a reporter sued to have the files of their custody hearing in Illinois that the news broke about their supposed sex club adventures and Jack’s candidacy was buried – even five years later.

Could he have beaten Barack Obama? It is hard to say. He never got the chance.

But what is clear is that Senator Obama could not have even attempted to run for president if he had a more measured foe in his 2004 Senate run. Thanks to actress Jeri Ryan and her custody battle, Obama was a shoe-in. Well, thanks to that reporter.

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