Crusoe lands on NBC and the Whisperer finds a Ghost in the Machine

Oct 16, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Tonight is the big series premiere of Crusoe on NBC. This historical drama takes us back to the 17th Century and you have to give them credit for the lovely sets and costumes.

Is this a flashback? If not, we're thinking it's ideal!

Tonight On TV - Friday, October 17

Start your night on NBC with the premiere of Crusoe then stay tuned for an internet love triangle that goes bad on Life.

ABC takes it a little lighter with Wife Swap and Supernanny then goes for the news of the day on 20/20.

The CW's new Friday line-up includes Everybody Loves Chris, The Game and rerun of this week's America's Next Top Model.

Fox will likely be airing a baseball game, depending on where you live.

CBS keeps going strong with an internet-based plot on Ghost Whisperer, followed by The Ex-List and a chilling episode of Numb3rs.

J Lo is at it again on CBS

Over on cable

ABC Family has a That 70's Show mini-marathon. Don't miss our interview with Wilmer Valderrama on October 21.

Disney has new episodes of Suite Life on Deck and Phineas and Ferb before Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

On SCI FI Channel, the Wraith threaten a sanctuary on Stargate Atlantis and there's a crime spree on Sanctuary.

TLC has a new make-over show called Real Simple, Real Life. This one has a stable of experts who ban together to help women make-over themselves, their lives, their careers - whatever they need. That's followed by a new What Not to Wear.

Finally, to get you in the Halloween mood, TNT is airing The Ring. Just don't plan on sleeping without nightmares for a week after viewing this creepy flick.

News and notable

James Van der Beek is headed back to North Carolina, but this time it's as a guest star in the November 24th episode of One Tree Hill.

Oxygen's Bad Girl Club returns for a third season beginning December 2.

Opportunity Knocks has been pulled from the ABC schedule. They say it's not canceled (yeah, right) and that they plan to air the remaining few episodes sometime....(January 2043 maybe?)

According to EW, David Arquette will have a little fling with Kristin Chenoweth in an upcoming story arc on Pushing Daisies.

Photo Credit:
Crusoe - Pictured: Anna Walton as Susannah, Philip Winchester as Crusoe -- NBC Photo: Paul Chedlow
Ghost Whisperer: Ghost in the Machine -- Jim (David Conrad, left) and Eli (Jamie Kennedy, center) help Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) hunt down a ghost who is targeting young girls on a social networking Web site. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS.

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