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Did Billy Bob Thornton aide in Tea Leoni’s divorce to David Duchovny?

Tea Leoni, having announced October 16 her divorce of David Duchovny, now is fending off rumors that she and Billy Bob Thornton are a couple. Did that play into the separation?

Billy Bob says he and Leoni just work togetherInitial reports led to the obvious: It was Duchovny’s sex addiction that proved too much for the celebrity marriage.

The Californiacation star exited sex rehab earlier in October and for this news to arise so quickly, possibly speaks to infidelity on either side, even if it was solely emotional straying.

Both parties issued statements saying that the Duchovny-Leoni marriage had actually dissolved weeks prior to Duchovny’s entering sex rehab.

But it did not take long for Billy Bob to go out and clear his name before the rumors turn to a full-fledged story.

Billy Bob’s publicist told E! News that:

“Billy Bob Thornton and Tea Leoni are just friends,” Thornton publicist Arnold Robinson says. “They recently completed working on a film (the upcoming comedy Manure) together.”

Don’t miss the photo of Thornton and Leoni filming Manure below!

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