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Ugly Betty finds old love while Kath and Kim’s comedy continues

Leanne won and boy did Kenley look mad. No one wants to lose on shows like Project Runway but usually they take it with a sad sigh and move on. She looked like she was going to jump the judges in the parking lot. And how much did you love the fabulous karma when Tim Gunn had to take over the last judge’s chair because Jennifer Lopez pulled out at the last second. Kenley looked like she was going to have a stroke when he stepped out from behind the screen. You could see every biting remark she ever made to him (including one just the day before) coming back to haunt her.

I kind of hate to admit it, but I actually preferred more of Kenley’s designs but looking at the whole course of the series, I think the right person won. And did anyone else recognize some of the models in the casting? Former Top Model candidates I think or maybe Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel. I’m not sure, but I know I’ve seen at least two of those girls on another show.

I used my 8 o’clock slot to watch Fringe from the night before. Love this show, but I wish it wasn’t so gruesome. The episode was about a guy who has had his magnetic field re-engineered so he causes power spikes whenever he gets mad. Ends up frying everyone in a free falling elevator and killing his mom by making her pacemaker go wild. Turns out he got his way by answering one of those, “do you want to be a better person” ads. I felt bad for the guy. He just wanted to be normal.

There’s a whole lot of abnormal going on tonight on TV. Crazy office mates, a killer with a love of old horror movies, and nightmares of the kitchen kind.

Tonight On TV – Thursday, October 16

Let’s give The CW top honors tonight with a very special black & white episode of Supernatural. Sam and Dean are on the trail of a killer who appears to come straight out of the Universal monster movies of the 30’s. Before that, it’s a new episode of Smallville.

The boys pay tribute to classic horror

On CBS it’s Survivor Gabon, followed by a hypnotic CSI and more scientific mysteries abound on Eleventh Hour.

NBC goes for laughs with My Name is Earl, Kath & Kim, The Office and a new series, SNL Weekend Update. It’s capped off with a declaration of loyalty on ER.

FOX gets back to business as usual with a new Hole in the Wall and then Gordon Ramsey takes on a small bar and grill in Indiana in Kitchen Nightmares.

ABC is going strong with Ugly Betty trying to patch things up with Gio, romantic entanglements make life tough for the folks on Grey’s Anatomy and Sam is going with the flow on the second episode of Life on Mars.

Does Betty find romance again?

Over on cable

Nothing much startling on cable tonight. You can watch potato chips being made on Factory Floor on National Geographic.

For something less greasy, there’s an Iconoclasts marathon on Sundance. Check out this clip Sundance sent over to SheKnows:

TruTV introduces you to some of America’s Dumbest Criminals and it’s the season finale of Glam God on VH1.

News and notable

The Mentalist foresees a full season in his future and the spirits are telling us that Medium earned itself a few more episodes, too.

MTV is developing a sort of urban apprentice in 50 Cents: The Money and the Power. The new competition show begins November 6.

According to EW, 90210 has dropped Jessica Walter from regular to recurring saying it was a purely financial decision.

A new ratings study shows that Fox is doing well with their short (under 90 seconds) commercial break experiment during Fringe. Can we have that on all shows from now on?

Gold medal gymnast Nastia Liukin will make her acting debut on an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl.

Photo Credit:
Supernatural: Monster Movie, Pictured: Jensen Ackles as Dean, Todd Stashwick as Dracula. Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW ©2008 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Ugly Betty: Betty Suarez Land, Pictured: Freddy Rodriguez, America Ferrera. Photo: Patrick Harbon/ABC

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