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Are Madonna’s millions safe in divorce?

Madonna made no mention of her divorce in front of the 20,000 gathered in Boston for her show October 15, but that did not stop her from speaking her mind.

Madonna live in Boston October 15“Just vote for Obama! No more Sarah Palin,” Madonna said to the crowd.

During her set that included Borderline, Like a Virgin and a bevy of her current hits, the 50-year-old singer never spoke a word of the lightning news story that shot around the world yesterday. Not one mention of her divorce, her family, nothing! Not that you attend a concert expecting to hear Madge dish, but surely, she would have made some slight of hand dedication to Guy Ritchie.
Although she may have been political at the outset, Madonna kept her comments the rest of the evening to strictly music natured as she belted out over two hours of hits.

News in her divorce also arose today that, although there was no pre-nup agreement for Madonna and Ritchie, the stories that he would inherit $100 million from her may prove false.

It seems British law is much different than American laws when it comes to divorce. Plus, with the couple only married seven-and-a-half years, even in California, the lesser earner would not be entitled to half.

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