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Pushing Daisies gets a habit while Project Runway crowns a winner

Last night went pretty much as expected, Rocco and Karina were eliminated on Dancing with the Stars and Rachel’s team fell apart on The Rachel Zoe Project. Of course, Rachel got a vintage Porsche out of it when all Rocco got was a plane ticket home. Now who’s living the life?

Dancing with the Stars also had the coolest flamenco dancers doing the whole Lord of the Dance thing. The ballroom kids returned (fun to watch, but I hate the competitive part) and what did you think of those crazy political campaign ads for the stars? Kind of funny but a few bordered on mean. I don’t think the joke worked as well as they had hoped.

As for Rachel Zoe, Oscar day was a bust from a viewing standpoint. I wanted to see her actually do her thing but all we saw was her running around stressing while Taylor and Brad fought. Brad threatened to quit, Taylor threatened to quit and poor Joey was stuck in the middle. For once, I was actually on Taylor’s side – Oscar time and Brad’s busy chatting with Rachel while Taylor is doing all the packing and unpacking. She won that one, hands down.

Fringe is on the DVR, saving it for when I have a full brain to watch it, like tonight when the debates are on. Oh! But I must see the season finale of Project Runway. Who will win? I’m pushing for Leanne but I’m not betting on her. I think Kenley will take top honors.

Tonight On TV – Wednesday, October 15

Another round of debates takes over the primetime schedule depending where you live. Check your local listings to be sure but you should be able to find a couple of new programs to watch.

It’s ‘get thee to a nunnery’ on an all new Pushing Daisies on ABC.

Kristin gets into a habit on Pushing Daisies

CBS goes with The New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried.

The CW goes with a clip show on America’s Next Top Model and a rerun of this week’s 90210.

Mike is poisoned and he must commit murder to save his own life on a new Knight Rider on NBC.

And it’s baseball again on Fox.

Will she take the title on the finale of Project Runway?

Over on cable

The winner is announced on Project Runway and it could be the last episode for a long time. A new season, which was supposed to air on Lifetime, is stuck in court as Bravo battles to keep the hit series. That’s followed by a new Top Design.

Discovery Channel is all-new tonight with Time Warp, MythBusters and the new series Prototype This.

Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth are both new on SCI FI and for a lighter look at Myths and Legends, tune to TVLand at 10 p.m.

News and notable

Matthew Perry will star in and produce a new series for Showtime about an angry talk-show host on a local radio station. And we’re not talking WKRP.

Revolve: Rockin’ The Road is a new reality series for the Gospel Music Channel that follows a Christian teen band on tour. The show premieres this Friday.

VH1 is relaunching the pop-culture show Best Week Ever With Paul F. Tompkins.

Eli Stone got an order for four more episodes from ABC which is very good news seeing how most returning shows are not doing all that well in the ratings.

Andy Richter will guest as a circus ringmaster on an upcoming episode of Bones that has the duo going undercover as a knife act. (And not one word of that makes me go ooh.)

Photo Credit:
Project Runway: Nature Calls – Pictured: Topacio – Bravo Photo: Barbara Nitke
Pushing Daisies: Bad Habits – Pictured: Kristin Chenoweth – ABC Photo: Adam Taylor

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