The Hills’ Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag reconcile

It was a day (or night at the club) for the ages, and one that many viewers of The Hills thought they would never see: Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag burying the hatchet.

It started with Spencer Pratt.

The Hills’ Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag were, like, totally BFFs until Heidi started dating that controlling loser. Heidi moved out of Lauren’s apartment and into Spencer’s, and that was the beginning of the end.

When rumors started circulating regarding a Lauren Conrad sex tape (she supposedly made it with ex Jason Wahler), the star was livid and blamed Spencer for starting the rumor. Heidi sided with Spencer. Friendship over.

Over, that is, until last night in Los Angeles.

That’s where Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag were spotted talking and laughing together at hot spot STK, having supposedly patched things up.

Here’s how it supposedly went down:

Having presented her clothing line at Los Angeles fashion week, Lauren Conrad was at STK celebrating the big night with family and friends.

As luck (or those crafty producers of The Hills) would have it, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt happened to be over at the bar, having dinner.

We’ve seen this type of encounter in the past, and it’s always ended in lost potential: Awkward silences or snide remarks engaged, and that’s it.

But last night was different.

Heidi Montag took the initiative to walk over and congratulate Lauren on her clothing line. A heart-to-heart followed (likely captured by the MTV cameras) and soon enough, the girls were hugging, smiling and laughing.

Just like old times? Maybe. There is still the small matter of Spencer Pratt. But Lauren Conrad was grateful for her estranged friend’s efforts.

“It’s true. [Heidi Montag] came in to the after-party to congratulate me on the show,” Conrad told a celebrity gossip source after the encounter.

“It was nice of her. I appreciated it.”

Anxious viewers of The Hills will probably get to see all this unfold for themselves… just give it a few months for MTV to edit the footage, re-dub the audio, mix in a cheesy Jason Mraz track and add the subtitles.