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Indiana Jones DVD worth a visit to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull took a beating by the critics when it hit theaters in May, which is why it is ready for a better close-up on DVD.

A fine fourth

The film arrives on DVD October 14 and loaded with extras, it proves those critics wrong.

Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is good Indy fun and why would anyone expect anything less from Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Did we mention Shia LaBeouf is along for the ride making an impressive Indiana Jones debut?

The skull in question in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Quickly put to rest are any thoughts that Ford is too old to portray the title character. In many ways, the film sets LaBeouf up to carry on the franchise as Indiana Jones’ son. But what is such a delight to watch on the DVD is how Ford appears to be having the time of his life.

Available in stores everywhere!One does not go into an Indiana Jones film expecting The English Patient, so it is puzzling why so many mainstream critics assailed this film.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a perfect film to add to the family DVD collection, especially if that library contains any of the first three Indy films.

Why DVDs such as this one are so fantastic is how the audience gets inside the process, especially with legends such as Lucas and Spielberg behind the camera.

Watching them work is a priceless treat for any film fan, regardless of their level of fanaticism.

Indy extras

Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull includes the usual making-of documentaries, but again keep in mind who we’re talking about…Spielberg and Lucas! With those two directing the action, surprises into the magic of filmmaking lurk around every corner.

In The Return of a Legend, the creators look back at the entire saga and showcase the highlights of what they consider the best moments in Indy history.
The second disc-one doc focuses on the Pre-Production of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and how with today’s technology, Spielberg and company were like kids in a candy store creating Indiana Jones version 4.0.

Shia, Steven and the gang pose for a photo

Disc-two is an avalanche of bonuses pushing Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull into the must haves.

A lengthy 12-part series looks at taking the Indy saga in this fourth incarnation from page to screen. There’s in-depth and there’s this 12-parter that triumphs if you have the time to treasure it.

The trailers are well represented, but a fun treat is a preview of the Lego Indiana Jones Original Adventures game demo for the Xbox 360. Sign us up! Watching Legos moving around with Indy’s trademark Fedora is a hoot!

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