Dancing with the Stars week four in review

Oct 14, 2008 at 5:23 p.m. ET

This week Dancing with the Stars presented a fast, fun and sultry Samba versus the traditional, angry, sharp moves of the Tango. One rose to the occasion while another dropped with lower than usual scores. Not a fabulous night but interesting…it's always interesting.

Disco dud

Maurice and Cheryl started the Dancing with the Stars night with a disco inspired Samba that didn't quite work. I've never been too fond of this couple but still it was surprising to see them land second from the bottom after this energetic dance.

Staying on the bottom was Rocco and Karina and I'm sorry but there's just no help for this boy. He's sweet and it's obvious that he's giving it his all but he's simply not a natural born dancer. I fear Rocco will be bidding us all adieu tonight.

Climbing up from the bottom of Dancing with the Stars to fourth place was Cloris and Corky - yes really. This week Cloris was determined to go for technique instead of tricks and it paid off in a sharp, interesting Tango. Much improved, but do I think she deserved the 8 she was awarded? No. Let's face it, it's her age that's keeping her on the show. Next week should be her last.

Toni's Samba was slightly off

Slightly off Samba

Tying for fourth was Toni and Alec and Warren and Kym, both performing the Samba. Toni is usually tops in my book but she lost something today. What she lost was her costume! After being so tightly buttoned up last week, this one must have made her feel positively naked.

Warren also fell flat this week with a silly-looking Samba. This is one of those dances that isn't kind to larger, more masculine men. I'm betting he'll make a big comeback next week.

Cody and Julianne surprised the crowd with their tantalizing Tango. Cody looks so young that it's tough to get the mood of these more aggressive dances but he worked this one and that final move, where they were rolling on the floor - yeah, like that. Good job.

Susan and Tony were handsomely rewarded for their Tango but I don't think it was deserved. Susan was better but she still looks so breakable on the dance floor. Still, I agree with Dancing with the Stars hostTom, Susan dances better than Tony acts as we got to see when performed a one-liner on All My Children.

The leader board

Two couples tied for the top spot this week, Brooke and Derek and Lance and Lacey.

Brooke's Samba on the other hand, was stellar

Brooke and Derek are always good but this week he really set my heart to pounding. Usually, I feel the same way about Derek's boyish charm as I do about Cody, but this week he really let loose with a wild and free Samba. Was it the hair? The open shirt? Don't know, but I liked it and I love that kicky song they were dancing to. Hip Hip, Chin Chin!

That brings us to Lance and Lacey. They finally found a middle ground between traditional and modern with a Tango that pleased all of the judges and the audience. Not my favorite dance of theirs but if they want to win, they've got to play it smart and keep the technique tight if only to get Len's scores. I'd love to see these two in the finale with Brooke and Derek and Toni and Alex.

Tonight on the Dancing with the Stars results show, it's the return of the ballroom kids competition, and Ne-Yo performs.

Catch Dancing with the Stars the performance show every Monday at 8:00 on ABC with the results show on Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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