Dancing with the Stars and Gossip Girl tonight's best TV

Oct 13, 2008 at 3:59 p.m. ET

ABC will win the night with Dancing with the Stars and follow it perfectly with Samantha Who?, but you do not want to miss those Gossip Girls as they check out Yale.

Good day to you all! It's cool and windy here in Southern California actually making it feel like fall. Imagine that. I sure know that Halloween is on the way because I spent a good portion of Friday watching Most Haunted Live from Gettysburg. Yes, seven hours of staring at the TV and the webcams hoping to see a ghost. And let me tell you, when you're home alone and watching this stuff hours on end, you think you see a lot of things!

I did take a ghost hunting break to watch Numbers, and that new girl really rocks. Another nail-biting episode but this whole tension thing between Don and Charlie is already starting to grate on me. Enough already, I want my brothers playing nice together like before.

I also tuned in to a lollapalooza of Stargate Atlantis episode -- space ships and explosions and take-overs and little green men in big metal suits. Yes, something for everyone. Which brings me to tonight's mixed bag of new episodes.

After a really bad, bad guy on CSI: Miami

Tonight On TV - Monday, October 13

CBS goes for the laughs with two episodes of How I Met Your Mother sandwiched between Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. CSI Miami caps off the night with murder and alligators.

ABC will rule with Dancing with the Stars continuing and they follow that with Samantha Who? And then Ally Walker guests as an old girlfriend of Alan's on Boston Legal.

NBC has Chuck in a tizzy when Sarah's ex (and the man that caused all the trouble) Bryce returns, then it's Heroes and the premiere of My Own Worst Enemy which has Christian Slater playing two halves of the same man.

The CW is solid with the gang visiting Yale on Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill continues down it's wild and wacky path.

Fox has baseball or local programming depending where you live, so check your local listings.

Over on cable

Catch up with a mini-marathon of The Cleaner on A&E, learn The Secrets of Body Language on History Channel or get your fill of Stuff Happens with six episodes on Planet Green.

Matt is off to Baghdad in the season premiere of Little People, Big World on TLC and that's followed by new episodes of Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

If you're up for a blast from the past, enjoy Paul Newman in one of his best rolls, partnering with Robert Redford in The Sting. It airs tonight on AMC.

To Yale, or not to Yale?, That is Gossip Girl's question

News and notable

The CW gave the go ahead to For Better or Worse, a reality show that follows couples as they plan their dream wedding with a chance to win it, all expenses paid.

If you're in New York on Friday, drop by Broadway and 51st Street to see the giant treehouse NBC is constructing to promote their new series Crusoe.

And finally, ABC has renewed I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Seriously? (Cyn wanders off shaking her head.)

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Gossip Girl: New Haven Can Wait - Pictured: Leighton Meester as Blair and Blake Lively as Serena. Photo Credit: Giovanni Rufino / The CW

CSI Miami: Raging Cannibal - A savage double murder in the Everglades pits Horatio (David Caruso) and the team against the brute force of Miami's Russian mob. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

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