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Ghost Whisperer gives chills while The Starter Wife premieres

Ghost Whisperer’s new tonight and speaking of the paranormal, Thursday night for me featured Smallville and Supernatural at the top of my list. Smallville gave us Queen Maxima who kills men with the power of her kiss! Oops. And on Supernatural, Dean finally confronted Sam about the use of his demon-given powers. That is a slippery slope, boy.

After that, I tuned in for the season finale of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. Was that owner wacky or is it me? Fun show, but I’m not dying for a second season. I’m also over Glam God which still has a few more weeks to go to finish up. Tonight the gang had to style a runway show and again I was underwhelmed by the looks. It’s clear, I have no taste.

Watched Knight Rider On Demand and I don’t care what anyone says, I like this show. It’s fun and over the top, Chuck with a hunky lead (not that I don’t love you, too Zachary Levi). It’s so ’80s that it tickles me. Watch it for kicks.

Lastly, I made it through this week’s Bones on the DVR. I like this idea of a new intern every week and this one was cute – kind of hoping we could keep him. Other than that, it was so-so. Did you see it? What did you think?

What I think, is that my DVR is going to be loaded again after tonight. Take a look.

Tonight On TV – Friday, October 10

It’s another big night of new episodes of your favorite shows.

ABC goes the reality routine when beauty and the beast do a Wife Swap, then Supernanny takes on a deaf couple with four children, finally it’s another newsworthy episode of 20/20.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy on The Ghost Whisperer

Melinda deals with the death of a former classmate in Ghost Whisperer, it’s exercise time on The Ex-List and Don takes on a rash of kidnappings at ATM machines on Numb3rs.

America’s Toughest Jobs takes a trip to a monster truck rally, then it’s Deal or No Deal followed by an experimental death when Life moves to its new time.

What does this have to do with cake?On The CW, Chris has the hots for a girl in cooking class on Everybody Hates Chris, the friends take sides on The Game and it’s a repeat of America’s Next Top Model.

Fox wants to know if a Jeopardy champ is Smarter Than a 5th Grader and after that it’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

Over on cable

SCI FI has a big night that begins with a rerun of the first part of tonight’s new Stargate Atlantis, then Rodney and Daniel use a bit of ancient technology to save the day and finally it’s the three witches all over again on Sanctuary.

History channel takes you into The World of Jack the Ripper, National Geographic travels with The Dog Whisperer and Clinton and Stacey review their favorite moments on What Not to Wear.

The big premiere of the night? It’s a new start for The Starter Wife beginning at 9:00 on USA.

News and notable

Discovery slows it down on their new series Time Warp. Now you can see how that magician really does that trick. The show premieres on October 15.

USA has picked up new seasons of both Burn Notice and Psych.

The Hills star Whitney will be heading for The City, a new reality show that follows her life in New York. Watch for it in the first half of 2009.

The CW has given the green light to a Top Model spin-off series that will have Miss J and Mr. Jay giving makeovers to women around the country.

MTV will give the world an exclusive look at the life of Britney Spears in a new documentary Britney: For the Record. The 90-minute special is scheduled to air November 30 and is being touted as a candid conversation with the pop star.

Photo Credit:
Ghost Whisperer – Big Chills: Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt, right) enlists Eli’s (Jamie Kennedy, left) help as she reconnects with some high school classmates after one of them dies mysteriously. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Everybody Hates Chris – Everybody Hates Cake – Marisol Esparza (Maria), Tyler James Williams (Chris) and Vincent Martella (Greg) star. Photo: Scott Humbert/The CW.

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