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Michael Cera’s Infinite Playlist

Michael Cera gives SheKnows some quick comments on his latest flick, Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, and along for the ride in the famous yellow car is his co-star, Kat Dennings.

Cera channels his inner emoNick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist opened in theaters nationwide October 3 and in between flying across the globe for talk show appearances, SheKnows was able to discern what would be the ultimate playlist for Michael Cera who plays Nick opposite Kat Dennings’ Nora.

They tell us why Nick and Nora was the right song for the soundtrack of their career.

Track one: Oh, What A Night

“The deal is I’m trying to forget about my girlfriend as the night progresses. Nora’s kind of going through the same thing with this ex-boyfriend of hers,” Cera says.

Track two: The Book of Love

Based on the best-selling book, Cera appreciated a smart script that painted two characters in a picture where the love story would be believable. “We kind of can relate about that. We just figure out that we like each other.”

Track three: Hit the Road Jack

Cera adores Nick and Nora’s running gag. “There’s this ongoing thing where I drive this yellow car. I have to keep telling people that are trying to get in the car that it’s not a cab,” Cera says and laughs.

It is one of those elements that sold him on making the film, and he hopes audiences share his sense of humor. “I thought that was really funny and I hope it comes across as funny in the movie.”

Michael Cera does not drive a taxi!

Track four: Party like a Rock Star

Cera fulfilled a dream to perform in a band, even if he is not a musician.

“It was scary at first,” Cera admits.

“We only did a few days of shooting playing music in front of people. It was really scary at first, but you get over it. We were fine. It would have been better if we were actually playing the song. But, it was fun. It was fun being up there once you get over the self consciousness of it.”

Rock the Casbah

Cera turns the discussion over to his co-star for the remaining thoughts on the perfect playlist of Nick and Nora.

Track five: Hush, Hush

“She tries to keep it a secret from most people, but she’s the daughter of this man Ira Silverberg, who’s the ‘giganticest’ music producer in the entire world. Because of that, she is terrified that people only like her because they know they can get her to give their CD to her dad. She’s always petrified people are pretending to like her,” Dennings says of her character.

Track six: Love the One You’re With

“She doesn’t know at first if Nick knows who her dad is or not. Then she finds out he doesn’t. Then she gets very terrified he’s going to find out,” Dennings says. “Especially with Nick, she’s careful not to say anything and is very guarded.”

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