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Jennifer Love Hewitt confuses Us with her weight loss

Jennifer Love Hewitt is sending mixed messages. Months after photos of her in a bikini appeared on the cover of Us Magazine appearing to have put on pounds, she is again on the magazine’s cover sporting her big weight loss.

Jennifer Love last winterAt the time Hewitt said that she resented the photos and the portrayal of her as overweight.

As a champion of women everywhere who have different body types, Hewitt was adamant about her being happy with her body and that the magazine and the paparazzi should simply love her or leave her!

She said at the time, 

“To all the girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini – put it on and stay strong!”

Now, hitting newsstands today is Hewitt talking about her incredible weight loss (in time for her Ghost Whisperer’s big fall return…wink, wink!) and how the cover of Us Magazine was in fact a “wake-up call” that she needed to lose weight.

Hollywood has a history of these mixed messages including fostering a peace in the world environment while violence in movies skyrockets.

At the Emmys two weeks agoTo which women everywhere said “not again…a Hollywood actress who made us comfortable in our own skin has come out of the closet and said she is happier now that she is skinny! Give us a break!”

This story in fact, continues a fantastic legacy left by the magazine of featuring women that are “scary skinny” and then the next week talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s “heavy” appearance.

Therefore, it is clear that it is not only the women of Hollywood sending mixed messages, but an organization charged with covering the industry who also shares, and perhaps fosters, the same sentiment.

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