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Dancing with the Stars: week two recap

She was lovely to look at but miserable to watch. Kim Kardashian was sent home last night on Dancing with the Stars and I say the viewers made the right choice.

The Kiss heard around the worldI was as frustrated with her as the judges were. She is such a pretty girl, great body, and no fire. She and Mark did a Rumba this week that had no passion at all. She doesn’t stretch, doesn’t finish her moves, everything was half-way and it wasn’t fun to watch. Ironically, there were two couples who ended up with even lower scores that Kim and Mark, but they’ll be back next week to dance again.

Cloris continues

One was, predictably, Cloris and Corky. They did a Paso Doble that was extremely theatrical but it’s clear Cloris is out of her league. Not only did they tone down the humor in the dance, but Cloris also toned down her own antics post dance. Good call, it might have been the decision that saved her.

Rocco and Karina came in second from the bottom with another Rumba that fell short. Rocco just doesn’t have the musicality for dancing. He tries hard but he’s not smooth and I’m not sure that’s something he can overcome. I expect him and Cloris to be gone in the next two weeks.

Fourth from the bottom was Maurice and Cheryl with their lackluster Rumba. Maurice was so lively in the rehearsal package but he went dead on the dance floor. Not one of my favorite couples.

A ravishing Rumba

Moving on to those with promise we have Susan and Tony doing a sexy Rumba. Tony is one of my favorite dancers and I think he has his work cut out with Susan. I don’t think she’s a natural at this but she has the dramatic background to pull off the character of the dance. No chance of winning but they should be in it for a few more weeks.

Misty May and Maks were real crowd pleasers with their dominatrix style Paso…wait…didn’t we see this already? Remember Maks and Mel B? Now that was a Paso that ruled the ballroom – this one, not so much. And did anyone else here host Tom comment that he preferred it when Mel B did it, or was I hearing things?

The kiss

One of my favorites was Lance and Lacey with their modern version of a Paso Doble! I love how Lacey puts a fresh spin on all of their dances despite Len’s protests. And come on, who thought it was a funny joke to give Lance I Kissed a Girl as his song. Props to him for playing it all the way, including one wowzer of a kiss at the end of the number.

Moving to the youngest dancer on the floor, I was worried when I heard Cody was going to have to Rumba with Julianne. The kid is a kid! He has no business doing a sexy, sultry Rumba in public. Julianne fixed that with a sweet version that was more about young love than hot sex. I enjoyed it.

Misty and Max do the Paso

Now if you want smoldering, watch Toni and Alec do it. She has such lovely lines and I really like his carriage on the floor. They lost some points for an illegal lift, but in the end, these two may be the ones to beat.

Surprisingly there was a tie for first place on week two. Warren and Kym and Brooke and Derek both pulled 24s for their Pasos. Derek and Brooke went old school with a very traditional dance while Warren and Kym went Matrix with their souped up version.

Again, I’m amazed at how Warren can move – he’s a real force to be reckoned with but man did he have trouble keeping his smile off his face during that oh, so serious dance.

Turning to the results show, Jessica Simpson was the musical guest. Loved her first number (I’m a big country music fan)!

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The Macy’s Stars of Dance returned with a number that featured Pussycat Dolls Carmit Bacher and Jenna Dewan of Step Up where costumes that literally ‘lit up’ the ballroom. Not the best dance routine I’ve seen on the show, but fun to watch.

Finally, can you believe that Bruno and Len fly to London every week to judge the UK version of Dancing With the Stars? That’s insane. First class seats or not, that kind of back and forth travel has to wreck havoc on your system. I thought Bruno wasn’t as lively as usual this season, perhaps this is why.

Catch Dancing with the Stars the performance show next Monday at 8:00 on ABC with the results show on Tuesday at 9:00.
(Photos by ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

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