Dirty Sexy Money and Christine highlight TV tonight

Oct 1, 2008 at 4:57 p.m. ET

It was elimination night on Dancing with the Stars and though some reporters called it a shocker, I called it a relief! Get the full story on my Dance card later today.

Fringe was on, but all these hours of Dancing with the Stars is really messing with my schedule. Have it on the DVR along with the latest Law & Order: SVU, which I'll get through tonight. Couldn't have those heavy shows ruining my fluff mood...which means...it was time for The Rachel Zoe Project!

You can't get any fluffier than Rachel Zoe. She shops, she parties, she shops some more. I don't know why I love this show but I do. But it looks like they're going to ruin it next week with a real-life death in Rachel's family. Not to sound cold here, but I like a little less reality in my reality TV.

Oh geez, forget what I said about clearing the DVR tonight! I just looked at what's coming up…

It's premiere time for Dirty, Sexy, Money

Tonight On TV - Wednesday, October 1

It's a premier-a-thon tonight on ABC! Chuck goes undercover into a honey-based cosmetics company to find out what really happened to their spokesmodel, on Pushing Daisies. (Yes, Pushing Daisies and not Chuck -- weird, huh?) It's a night of secrets on Private Practice. Then, on Dirty Sexy Money, it's lavish yacht birthday parties, family reunions, a death and an arrest (is that enough drama for you?!)

CBS is all new tonight starting with some engagement ring recycling (how tacky!) in New Adventures of Old Christine. Gary gets some much-needed post-divorce boundaries from the ex on Gary Unmarried. Then agents investigate recent murders linked to an executed serial killer on Criminal Minds and the group Maroon 5 makes a guest appearance on CSI: NY.

On the CW, the supermodels in training learn how to work it in unflattering clothing on a new, America's Next Top Model. If you missed 90210 last night, don't fret, the station is offering up a repeat of the episode this evening.

On Fox's "dram-edy" Bones, Booth and Brennan investigate a corpse found in an office elevator shaft, while Angela and Hodges (finally) discuss their previous breakup. Then, it's an hour of laughs with back-to-back episodes of 'Til Death.

Someone is using drag racing as a cover for weapons smuggling on NBC's Knight Rider. The season finale of America's Got Talent follows as the final five perform and the winner is revealed. Then, jealousy, lust and secrets abound on a new episode of Lipstick Jungle.

Documentaries your thing? Check out the new episode of Secrets of the Dead on PBS. Tonight they will cover the case of unjustly executed Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen.

Over on cable

Bravo has thrown the remaining designers into the great outdoors to find inspiration on a new Project Runway and an interior decorating triathlon sparks a little drama on Top Design.

There are new Most Shocking and Most Daring episodes on TruTV.

It's better than playing with the Ouija Board on Sci Fi tonight! First, the Ghost Hunters head to Florida to check out a few old spooks. Then, on Destination Truth, the group checks out the Philippines and Mt. Fuji for clues to the inexplicable.

HGTV is offering up lots of never before seen entertainment, with new episodes of Designed to Sell, Get It Sold, Beyond the Box and Buy Me.

Sons of Anarchy is also a new one over on FX.

News and notable

ABC has reached an agreement to offer full-length episodes of their hit shows to cell phone customers through MobiTV. Perfect, something to do when you're stuck in traffic.

VERSUS has picked up a fourth season of boxing reality show The Contender with Tony Danza.

Got 400 million dollars? You could buy The TV Guide Channel.

SpikeTV is in development on Peep Show, it's based on a British TV series about a rocker and an uptight office worker who share a flat (that's an apartment for those who don't speak Brit.) Sound familiar? (Insert Odd Couple theme here.)

The CW has ordered a pilot based on Batman's sidekick Robin.

And finally, there was a wardrobe malfunction on Survivor that allowed viewers to see more of Marcus Lehman than they bargained for. What were the contestants doing when the accidental reveal occurred? Chasing two large balls. Seriously, you can't make stuff like this up.

The Birthday Present - The absurdly wealthy Darlings of New York City continues to mix with the wrong people and become embroiled in untenable situations. Fortunately for the preeminent family, idealistic lawyer Nick George is there to take care of their legal needs - which often run into shady territory - on the second-season premiere of Dirty Sexy Money.

(ABC/Richard Cartwright) Peter Krause, Zoe McLellan, Donald Sutherland

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