Getting to know Jessica Simpson

Oct 2, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Jessica Simpson took an incredible risk recording a country record after a career of pop music-based gems. Her vocal talents are pure and if one looks at her background, it is easy to see this musical transition is as completely organic.

Jessica Simpson has every reason to smile, her country record is number one

Simpson's Do You Know CD soared to the top of the country charts when it was released in September. Come On Overwas her first hit single that found new fans in Nashville while bringing her pop audiences along for the ride.

From pop maven to superstar, whose parents took her and sister Ashlee out of Texas and into the big time, the Simpson clan has been much documented. Simpson is endearingly refreshing about her experiences leading up to Do You Know'sseismic shift of one of pop's princess who is now country's queen.

Simpson called SheKnows from Nashville where she's readying her follow up single, which she tells us is Remember That.

Country girl comes home

SheKnows:I know every time an album comes out, there's got to be some sort of nerves. This one, was it any different because this project was your first foray into country?

Jessica Simpson:I was nervous, yes. But, it's a different kind of butterflies. The butterflies weren't for acceptance or success. It was really more out of I was so anxious for my fans to be able to listen to what I've been working so hard on and put my heart into. It was more excited and anxious. I feel I've already had success with this record because the success was actually making it. Being able to co-write and travel through this journey of making the record was the success to me.

SheKnows:Also, country clearly is not out of left field for you. Anyone who's followed your career knows you come from Texas in the heart of country music. What artists in that genre growing up did you enjoy?

Jessica Simpson:I listen to a lot of artists. Of course one of my favorite voices is Patsy Cline if you're going old school country. Being able to work with Dolly (Parton) was a dream come true. I love the attitude of Loretta Lynn. Artists now, I listen to a lot of Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, John Michael Montgomery and of course, Garth Brooks. Oh yeah, Shania!

Do You Know is groundbreaking in the Simpson career pathSheKnows: Shania (laughs)! As we eagerly await another CD from her to come back yet again.

Jessica Simpson:I know! I can't wait.

SheKnows:Speaking of Shania, someone who does pop and country so effortlessly, do have any hesitations about making a pop record next time whether it will be accepted.

Jessica Simpson:No, actually. At this point in my career I have a lot of different creative outlets that are lucrative and I don't have to worry about music being something that pays the bills. I made this album just from a place of complete relaxation and I was extremely focused throughout the whole thing. It was very therapeutic for me.

SheKnows:Really, how so…

Jessica Simpson: I really don't feel any sort of pressure at all for the first time in my life while putting out a record.

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