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Dancing with the Stars eliminates and 90210 shows sparks between Brenda and Kelly!

Can you believe September is over? That means I have coupons expiring! I’ve got to hit the store tonight. Last night it was my usual, strange Monday mix of stars dancing and robots walking. Dancing with the Stars was up to the challenge of a new week (that Lance and Lacey kiss was hot stuff!) and Cameron lost her memory on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Did anyone catch the premieres of Chuck and Lifelast night? I saw them both on the On Demand sneak peek and thought they were great.

So much TV, so little time.

Tonight On TV – Tuesday, September 30

On ABC tonight, a family competes for a cruise and coveted Hannah Montana tickets on Opportunity Knocks, then results are revealed on the second round eliminations of Dancing with the Stars. Next, check out the inspirational, Half Their Size: The People Magazine Weight Loss Challenge.

Going for the money on Opportunity Knocks

It’s a night of brand spanking new investigative dramas on CBS. First, agents investigate a suicide aboard an aircraft on NCIS. Then, Patrick dangles Grace as bait on The Mentalist. Next, the search is on for a female exec who is abducted from a taxi, in Without a Trace.

The CW’s primetime is all-new as well this evening. On 90210, Kelly begins to question her relationship after she receives a phone call from an old friend. Then, drama ensues as Megan finds an adult DVD (OH, the horror!!) in Rose’s book bag on Privileged.

Fox, has House probing into the private lives of his team. Then on the new series Fringe, the trio investigates a suspicious cylinder found on the site of a New York explosion.

NBC begins the evening with competition in the Grand Canyon with the Biggest Loser: Families. Next, Law & Order: Special Victims Unithas agents questioning the creator of a self-help websites for pedophiles.

Over on cable

Tune into the Cartoon Network for a movie the whole family can enjoy. Check out the animated parody of Little Red Riding Hood, in the movie Hoodwinked.

MTV has a new episode of Making of the Band, followed by the premiere of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF(yes, seriously). The new series has both men and women competing to become Hilton’s new sidekick. Ryan Seacrest and Perez Hilton act as advisers to the heiress throughout the selection process.

Get your groove on with part two of VH1’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs.

Bravo has the posse rubbing elbows with Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta on the Rachel Zoe Project

The Food Network is showing a new episode of The Food Detectivesthis evening.

New Lincoln Heights and Greekare on ABC Family.

Scare Tactics on the Sci Fi channel is new and features a taxi driver frightening his fare.

The Shieldis brand new tonight as well on FX.

News and notable

Jesse McCartney will join the cast of Greekon ABC Family when the show begins its second season in the spring.

SCI FI Channel is working on RelicQuest, a documentary series about the search for historical artifacts (think Indiana Jones with a camera crew.)

Sean “Diddy” Combs is working on a new show called StarMakerwhich will have a houseful of contestants competing to be…well…a star!

AMC is developing a series for Robert Duvall about a pony express rider in the old west.

Fox is developing a comedy about the California beach lifestyle called Good Vibes.

For the chance to win a family cruise and tickets to a taping of “Hannah Montana,” host JD Roth quizzes the Laut family from Lakewood, California, on how well they know each other in front of their neighbors and friends, on Opportunity Knocks. (ABC/Karen Neal/Featured: Don Laut and JD Roth)

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