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Knight Rider debuts as David Blaine attempts the Dive of Death

So many stars, so much dancing. I couldn’t keep my finger off the fast forward button. This new format on Dancing with the Stars, where the stars stand around waiting to see who will dance next, is boring! Way too much time wasted with the dramatic pauses and the ominous red light. It was also totally unfair to those who had to dance in the clean-up spots.

I rant all about it in my full Dancing with the Stars recap, which you’ll find in the TV section of

Fringe was on last night but I haven’t watched it yet because that’s not a show you flip in and out of easily. On the other hand, Rachel Zoe Project is one of those shows so it fit in nicely during Dancing commercial breaks. It was fashion week, so Rachel and her entourage were off to New York City to see the sights. I can’t believe she doesn’t have to take notes during the fashion shows. I guess when you’re that passionate about clothing you don’t need to write down ‘canary yellow organza gown with ostrich feathers and human hair trim!’

Fall is exhausting! There are so many new shows to watch! Just have a look at what’s premiering tonight.

Tonight on TV – Wednesday, September 24

NBC roars into town with the new Knight Rider. And then, ironically, The Hoff sits down to judge the top 5 acts on America’s Got Talent. Finally, it’s the premiere of Lipstick Jungle.

The Hoff is still on NBC, not here on the season premiere of the new Knight Rider on NBC

ABC starts the night with a bang as another couple is eliminated on Dancing with the Stars. That’s followed by David Blaine: Dive of Death which finds the magician walking on a wire five stories above the ground without a net.

CBS starts with the premiere of New Adventures of Old Christine and then it’s the new comedy Gary Unmarried, starring actor Jay Mohr. Things get serious after that with the premiere of Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.

Fox goes for the laughs with new episodes of Bones, ‘Til Death and Do Not Disturb. Yes, Bones is very funny or haven’t you noticed?

On The CW, the girl’s go down the runway on America’s Next Top Model and that’s followed by a repeat of 90210. (What, already?).

Over on cable

Sit down with the whole family to check out Nickelodeon’s new family game show, My Family’s Got Guts. Or try a full night of America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC Family.

For more adult-friendly entertainment on cable BET features a behind the scenes view of Ice Cube making his new video for the song Why Me? on Access Granted.

The Travel Channel offers up another episode of Amazing Race 12 which finds the contestants dancing for celebrity judges.

Another option is checking out the feel good movie of a few years back, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde on Oxygen. The sequel stars Reese Witherspoon and boasts such supporting actors/actresses as Luke Wilson and Sally Field.

News and notable

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kanye West is working on a project called Alligator Boots that merges hip-hop and the Muppets? (If you say so…)

Lifetime bought the re-run rights to How I Met Your Mother for a reported $750,000 per episode. That’s per episode!

Kentucky Fried Chicken is getting flack from the Parents Television Council for their sponsorship of The CW’s 90210. KFC punched back saying they’re committed to protecting their brand and will continue to “monitor” 90210. That’s ad speak for ‘watch it.’

Remember I told you that ER was working hard to get Clooney back? Forget it. Clooney made a statement to the press saying basically, ‘been there, done that, not going back.’

Lincoln Automobiles will sponsor the latest micro-series to hit TV. This time it’s a crime drama starring Jonathan Schaech that will air in two-minute segments during commercial breaks on Law & Order. The series begins October 21.

Cutie alert, Roswell star Brendan Fehr has been cast to play the younger brother of David Boreanaz’s Booth on Bones. Looking forward to that one.

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