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Pink brings the Ear Candy asking So What

Historically the break up has been a goldmine for rock stars. Pink has proved that sentiment true once again and produced a piece of sonic succulence with her So What? single.

Pink is ready to rock and we love it!

Ear Candy, September 29

Pink’s latest album does not arrive for weeks, but with So What? the singer has captured an album’s worth of emotion in one three-minute song.

No stranger to Ear Candy, Pink has taken heartbreak and melded a piece of musical munchies that the listener cannot get enough of, even listening to repeatedly attempting to discover the catchy song’s numerous nuances.

As the children have returned to school, the institution of the school dance is in full flow and thus the music industry is producing its share of the tuneful tasty treats for the kids out there listening of all ages.

Pink has famously worn her heart on her sleeve over the years and that is what makes her so compelling a pop music figure. Can you imagine scanning the pop music landscape today and her not being there. Hardly!

Each week as we roll out the music industry’s best offerings that get in the head and relentlessly force you to listen to repeatedly, SheKnows Ear Candy promises to deliver tracks as hot as Pink’s latest, So What.

Divorcing Corey Hart for whatever reason is of no matter to audiences, except for the fact Pink has once again dipped into the candy factory of music and produced a song that will have you asking So What? over and over and over.

With no less than three sections to So What?, odds are it will take listeners a good amount of time to get this piece of Ear Candy off the radar.

Pink: So What

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