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Stargate Atlantis leads tonight’s TV

It was all CW all night long for me last night with the return of Smallville and Supernatural.

Both shows had a newness about them as they shoved the characters down paths we’ve never seen before. For Clark Kent, it was time to finally break the ties to Smallville (the town) and make the move to Metropolis. I swear they should have renamed the show. A new villain was introduced, old friends came back to save Clark (who started the show without his powers) and groundwork was laid. I loved all of the references to Clark becoming the Clark Kent we all know from the comics. I wasn’t sold on this show last year, but I’m back in it, at least for now.

Supernatural is my favorite show on TV right now and I was thrilled with last night’s premiere. Dean’s back from hell and it looks like it was an angel that saved him from the pit. Meanwhile, Sam has that problem all adults have when they go back home for a visit — you’re all grownup but suddenly you’re a kid again? Well, Sam did a lot of growing up while Dean was gone. He’s not the baby brother anymore and that’s not going to sit well with big brother as the series moves forward.

Good stuff and a very quiet night tonight, though.

Stargate Atlantis continues its final season

Tonight on TV, Friday, September 19

ABC begins with America’s Funniest Home Videos and ends with the season premiere of 20/20.

CBS goes with a Ghost Whisperer rerun and then two old episodes of Numb3rs.

NBC has America’s Toughest Jobs and Dateline.

Fox has new episodes of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

The CW has Friday Night Smackdown (Oh, when will it end!)

Over on cable

Outsiders Inn is new on CMT — as is Stargate Atlantis on SCI FI.

National Geographic channel goes to the dogs with Dog Whisperer and DogTown.

TruTV has two new episodes of Suburban Secrets.

Believe it or not, those are the highlights on cable TV tonight. My suggestion? If you have cable TV, check out the NBC preview On Demand for an early look at several new TV shows.

News and notable

Bravo has a new show called First Class All the Way, which follows a high-end travel concierge.

Tom Hanks’ Playtone production company is working on a TV version of the James Ellroy novel American Tabloid: A Novel and The Cold Six Thousand for HBO.

Wade Allain Marcus will join the cast of Gossip Girl as a photographer.

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