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Brad Pitt donates money to help stop gay marriage ban in California

Brad Pitt has always been one to donate money to causes close to his heart. Today he announced the donation of $100,000 to the ‘Say No on 8′ proposition efforts in California.

Brad's helping keep gay marriage legal in CaliforniaAt the heart of the bill is an effort to overturn the California Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same sex marriages.

A variety of religious and political groups have banded together to put the measure on the November ballot. With election fever gripping the country, money is pouring in on both sides to ensure victory for cause or candidate.

Pitt saw the avalanche of money arriving in the coffers of the ‘Yes on 8’ side that would seek to ban gay marriage in California and decided the ‘No’ needed a million.

Here in California, this is not as hotly a contested debate as in some parts of the country. But with Hollywood celebrities such as Pitt behind the effort, it is garnering international headlines.

Polls currently show the ‘Yes’ winning slightly, but conservatives used this issue in the 2004 presidential election to get out the religious vote and put George W. Bush back in the White House while banning gay marriage in several states. So backers of the proposition are taking no chances and asking for all the aid then can be obtained.

Thank you, they say, Mr. Brad Pitt!

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