John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, Sean Hayes and Jennifer Coolidge are all going mad for Igor

Sep 18, 2008 at 1:06 p.m. ET

The cast of Igor is amazed at the finished product. "I thought it was wonderful," Steve Buscemi says. "It seemed like the sensibility of the people making it was something that I could relate to. Sitting there, seeing it on the huge screen was just amazing. It looks incredible. I loved the film."

Who couldn't love Buscemi's rabbit?

A visual marvel

In the land of Malaria, each person born with a hump on their back is sent to Igor school to spend their life as a lab assistant to a mad scientist. John Cusack's Igor begins to question whether there is more to life than inventions that cause the world harm.

Writer Chris McKenna and director Anthony Leondis crafted a vision in Igor and sought to inhabit the characters with the voices of their dreams. Their prayers were answered as Cusack is joined by Buscemi, Sean Hayes, Jennifer Coolidge and Molly Shannon.

Making an animated film is not always a golden path, but with Igor, the filmmakers have crafted a gem that had its stars mesmerized at its premiere at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

"It's a surreal process, but when it works, it works," star Steve Buscemi says.

Buscemi portrays Scamper, an animated rabbit unlike any audiences have ever seen. "You know this started as a short film. I got this call asking if I would do the voice," Buscemi remembers.

His role is a memorable one...a suicidal rabbit who, unfortunately for him, is immortal.

"I read it and I like the darkness of it, I have to say," Buscemi says and laughs. "It was kind of weird story with this rabbit, road kill rabbit, who is suicidal, but immortal. How could I resist?"

The hardest part for me about these things (animated movies) is not having the other actors around," he admits. It is a sentiment echoed throughout the cast. "In the beginning, it's a little weird."

Color the cast impressed

"I saw the movie yesterday, it is really as if we were all in the same room together and that's always bizarre to me and I think it came out great," Buscemi said.

As for creator Chris McKenna, his vision was always the Reservoir Dogs and Tres Lounge star of Buscemi for the on screen opposite of Bambi's Thumper. "He was a dream. Honestly, we thought, 'who can play a bitter sarcastic...' and then we actually got him, I couldn't believe it," he admits. "Honestly, people were walking out of the movie yesterday saying that Scamper was their favorite character. He's perfect, I can't imagine anyone else being Scamper."

Igor and Scamper strike a pose

"What if you had a land that every mountain top, had the stereotypical evil scientist in a lab or castle? Would they all have a hunchback lab assistant? Would they all have an Igor? Then I started thinking, that's your story. Where do these Igors come from? What if there was this land where if you're born with a hump on your back, you're automatically named Igor and forced to be a lab assistant. That was the whole idea."

McKenna's remarkable vision

"I wanted to do a riff on the world of Frankenstein," McKenna says.

"Every story has its good versus evil and we just embraced it," Igor's creator says. "Igor learns it's better to be a good nobody than an evil somebody. And we have Scamper who, with these friends that he's making, sort of give him a reason to stick around."

The film's animation burns bright, unlike anything you've ever seen

Buscemi found his character with the fantastic script, but could not find his center without the priceless direction of Anthony Leondis.

Igor's in a little trouble

The Cusack and Shannon show

John Cusack and Molly Shannon had fun with the idea that they weren't ever in the same room while creating the priceless cast chemistry of Igor.

"We're actually not in this room together right now," Cusack says as we laugh.

SheKnows then asked one of our favorites how rewarding the previous day's premiere was.

"It's fun," Cusack says.

"It was fun!" Shannon adds.

Cusack adds that his passion for animated projects (he was in Anastasia) has more to do with the people creating the magic.

"The other guys work so hard. We record it in ten or 15 sessions. These slave for two or three years. The work that goes into animation is so incredible," Cusack says and he nods his head. "The film looks so great."

I could really relate to that character," Shannon says of her wanna-be animated actress. "She has this fantasy about this whole world of show business. It's a really fun character to play. And Tony, the director, is so positive and he was so great to work with."

"I thought it would be a cool project," Cusack said. "It's a good gig. You can be in a studio anywhere."

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