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Don’t Forget the Lyrics makes its fall premiere

Last night I got a special treat, a sneak peek at the season opener of Supernatural. Wow! It’s like a whole new show with great twists and turns and I am ready for another exciting season.

Then it was reality time with both Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and Glam God. I’m always amazed by the people who ask for Tabatha’s help then ignore all she suggested. This woman wanted to run an upscale salon with stylists who fight, curse and dress like strippers working the shop. Tabatha worked hard to get these guys up to snuff and I don’t think she was being overly critical, great job, only 6 weeks later it was all back to the way it was before she came. Amazing.


And speaking of amazing, how awful was Joaquin on Glam God. That man has a drinking problem and I was so afraid he’d take his partner down with him. After two weeks of this nonsense, they finally sent him off to rehab but let his partner stay. I do like this show. If you’re not watching, why not?


Lastly, I hope everyone in the Texas area is someplace safe and dry, looks like you’re in for a wild ride tonight and tomorrow. Be careful.


Looks like they don't know the lyricsTonight on TV, Friday, September 12

FOX has Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and the season premiere of Don’t Forget the Lyrics!


ABC presents the 2008 ALMA Awards and then it’s 20/20.


CBS has their usual repeat line-up with two Ghost Whisperers and one Numb3rs.


NBC starts with America’s Toughest Jobs and ends with Dateline.


The CW still has Smackdown.


Over on cable

Monk and Psychare new on USA.


Stargate Atlantisis new on SCI FI.


For the whole family, there’s a new movie on Nickelodeon called Gym Teacher: The Movie with Chris Meloni from Law and Order: SVU.


The Disney Channel also has several new episodes in their line-up tonight including Corey in the House and Life with Derek.

News and notable

Universal is has put a Sigmund the Sea Monster movie in the works to go along with Land of the Lostwhich will bow next summer.


Lifetime is working on a new car show specifically for women called Female Driven.


VH1 is helping Antonio Sabato Jr. find true love in a new reality series — personally, I can’t imagine how a guy who looks that good could have trouble in that area.


Bravo is working on a teenage version of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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