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Jerry O’Connell stars in new Do Not Disturb

Did you check out Fringe last night? Apparently only a few of you did, since the ratings were only so-so. There’s an encore performance on Sunday including a sneak peek at the new 24 TV movie and The Day the Earth Stood Still movie-movie, so set your DVR right now.

I didn’t see the new series Privileged. If you did, tell me what you thought. Is it worth my watching online or catching it in a rerun?

Jerry O'Connell looks for America's next great comedy

Tonight on TV,  Wednesday, September 10

Fox has two more premieres tonight after an all-new Bones. ‘Til Death returns at 9:00 and that’s followed by the new comedy about the workers at a hotel called Do Not Disturb.

ABC is mostly reruns with Wife Swap, Supernanny and a new 20/20: They’re Not Like Us.

CBS has the finale of Greatest American Dog, then Criminal Minds, and CSI: NY both reruns.

NBC says America’s Got Talent and that’s followed by Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

The CW has a new America’s Next Top Model and an encore performance of 90210.

Over on cable

Mythbusters is new on Discovery and so is Sons of Anarchy on FX.

The Project Runway designers will be using the zodiac for inspiration while the Top Design designers make a bomb shelter over into a cheery place to live. You’ll find it all on Bravo starting at 9 p.m.

News and notable

After yanking all their shows off of iTunes last year, NBC has decided to make nice and you can now, once again, download The Office and Heroes for a nominal price per episode.

Oxygen believes that Coolio Rules, so they gave him his own reality show which will air in late October.

Zap2It is reporting a shut down over on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, only temporary as they retool the series. Whatever the heck that means.

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