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Joan Baez triumphantly returns on Day After Tomorrow

Joan Baez and Steve Earle may seem an odd coupling. The pair, in fact, have made magic on Baez’s latest CD, Day After Tomorrow. Her latest arrived in stores September 9.

Joan Baez's triumphant return

Joan Baez became famous for serving as the female face of folk music for the 1960s. Baez’s first CD in years, Day After Tomorrow, finds her in a zone all her own. Her voice is unmistakable and her craft is as sharp as any musician working today.

Earle is not the only visitor to Baez’s studio on the musical go around. Elvis Costello and Tom Waits contributed tracks that rightfully bring Baez back to an audience eager for something new. What’s fantastic is Baez’s five-decade career has left those new audiences with a plethora of incredible music to discover after finding their way through Day After Tomorrow.

Is there any sign of Baez and her spirited vocal culture commentary? You bet, in droves the singer exhibits on the title track, a haunting and powerful anti-war song penned by Waits.

With two recent mining disasters in the news in the last several years, Henry Russell’s Last Words also proves that Joan Baez in 2008 is has relevant, resonant and as revolutionary as ever.

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