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Heart asks John McCain to stop using ‘Barracuda’ as Sarah Palin’s song


John McCain’s theme song for running mate Sarah Palin, Barracuda doesn’t have everyone singing its praises. After all, it’s rock group Heart’s song and we hear they’re less than pleased.

Heart says no to John McCain

Here’s the scoop: Heartsent a cease and desist notice to the McCain/Palin ticket and informed them to not use their music. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out, that’s for sure!

This is the fifth time John McCain has been legally asked to cease and desist using a singer’s song. Past rockers include Jackson Browne and John Mellencamp, with Browne currently involved in a lawsuit for damages.

Judging by Palin’s appearances September 5 and today, September 6, the campaign is not to keen on pulling the song that has rallied Republicans since Palin’s introduction last week.

Heart will be taking the matter to the next steps and is threatening to take the Jackson Browne route and legally require McCain to stop using the song by having a judge issue an edict.

Stay tuned to this one, Republicans are not commenting. But, that is not particularly surprising given the last week’s events. The McCain campaign have Palin on a media blackout. If they are not allowing her to talk, they are letting Barracuda and Heart do the talking. The campaign is refusing to allow Palin to have any interviews with the press. We’d love to ask her if she even likes the song!

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