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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles stars Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green talk shop


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres tonight. SheKnows caught up with Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green to get the scoop on the new season of their hit show, not to mention a few tidbits about how 90210 alum Green feels about the re-birth of the Peach Pit!

Are you ready for season two?

More Silver?

Having just recently been won over by Fox’ Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (that happened during the season one marathon last month!), we must admit our first questions for Brian Austin Green are not about his current show, but rather about the highly anticipated return of his first hit, 90210.

“It’s a brilliant idea,” raves Green, who played 90210’s David Silver throughout the ’90s. “Everybody in the world is going to tune in to see the first episode. I hope it kicks ass. I wish them the best. We’ll see. It could be awesome…or it could suck.”

As for whether or not he’ll be making an appearance on the new show, fans shouldn’t hold their collective breath. The first series closed with his wedding to Donna and there is a teen character named “Silver” on the new series, but the show refuses to confirm her parentage until it premiers, perhaps due to the behind the scenes scuffle involving Tori Spelling’s return as Donna, which has since backfired.

“From what I’ve heard, I think they’re just playing that Donna and David are very busy people and not in town,” Green reveals. “They haven’t even approached me about returning. I haven’t spoken to anyone regarding to the show, but I might do it. It depends on schedule and time.”

This is where the real problem arises for David Silver fans. Green has been bumped up to full-fledged cast member on Terminator, where he plays John Connor’s uncle from the future, Derek Reese. That should keep him far too busy to go back in time in his career!

Terminating television

For those who live in a bubble and somehow don’t know the story of The Terminator movies, which Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is based on, the show takes place before a violent ‘Judgment Day’ (the second film) of the future, where computers seize control and wage a violent war against humans. John Connor is the leader of the human resistance against the evil computer system Skynet, so Skynet sends terminator androids back in time to stop John from existing in the future.

A Terminator of a different kindIn the show’s present day, Sarah Connor focuses on stopping the birth of Skynet, with the help of ‘good’ terminator Cameron (played by Summer Glau), while raising her teen son to become the hero he is meant to become.

Greene’s character Derek is one of future-John’s best soldiers and best friends, sent back to join the Connor team, and though he was quick to recognize the genetic link between himself and John on his own, life in the ‘present’ isn’t always easy for this warrior from the future.

“He’s an oddity,” Green says of Derek. “This season’s about more adaptation. You’ll see more of him getting used to life with this guy (aka John) and grass and not fighting for his life in the same way.”

Having lived through the apocalypse, he’s still unable to accept that Cameron, the beautiful terminator sent back to protect John, can be trusted. He has even postured the idea that it’s Cameron who will become Skynet in the future, as apposed to the artificial intelligence computers the Connors target for destruction.

The Connors argued in the robot’s defense, but as the season wound down last year, Derek’s concerns were given more credence. Cameron started keeping secrets, while picking up more and more traits from the humans around her.

Then, just as viewers were starting to question her too, she went up in a ball of fire! Of course, the truck explosion that ended the first season would be nothing to this terminator. She should come out of the blast just fine, allowing her character’s evolution to continue.

“There have been hints about what’s going to happen to Cameron, but it’s going to be an explosive season,” says Summer Glau, who plays the hottie high school android . “People are going to be surprised. She’s going to keep growing and adding more human characteristics. Relationships will change. Everything is changing. Nothing is going to be same.”

Summer checks on John Connor

Whatever the long-term future for Cameron, Glau is enjoying her character’s transition this season. Kicking serious butt as an unstoppable machine puts her dancing skills to good use, but Glau was craving some ‘humanity.’

“Everything I do with this character has to be thought out,” she explains. “Nothing is from an emotional or an instinctual place. I have to make a decision about everything and I do that with my body too – Cameron wouldn’t be absentmindedly playing with her hair! Growing up being a dancer has definitely helped there, but not being able to react from an emotional place does get frustrating sometimes.”

This season, she’ll get to play some emotion. Whether or not her character actually feels those emotions is a matter of debate – one that is central to the show: If a bio-computer learns to respond, think and act as a human, is she a computer?
To decide for yourself, tune into the season two premiere on September 8.

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