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Upcoming fall movies hitting theaters

Getting Ready to Thank the Academy

Aside from The Road, a few flicks are emerging as solid contenders for solid-gold statuettes:

Changeling — Is it really fair? Angelina Jolie already has those looks, those gorgeous kids, and the hottest leading man, Brad Pitt, as her partner in child-rearing (and more.) Does she really need to be such
a talented actress, too? Jolie getting rave reviews in this Clint Eastwood-directed drama about a mother whose prayers for her missing son’s return morph to fears that the child who comes back
isn’t her own. October 31

The Soloist — Robert Downey Jr., you’re one busy and multi-faceted dude. You donned the Iron Man armor. You took on a non-P.C. comedic role in Tropic Thunder. Now you’re playing a journalist who
makes it his mission to help Jamie Foxx’s homeless violin virtuoso on LA’s Skid Row? You’ve gone from everyone’s favorite comeback story to the big screen’s best
triple-threat. Thank you! November 21

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
— Brad Pitt ages in reverse in this David Fincher adaptation of an F Scott Fitzgerald short story. The trailer alone (watch it at qualifies as a work of art unto itself, and
we’re predicting amazing things from an all-star cast that includes Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. December 25

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