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Upcoming fall movies hitting theaters

Heart-Pounding Heroics

Sure, things blow up, but isn’t a good action flick the cinematic equivalent of a hearty fall comfort casserole?

Eagle Eye — Our prediction for the sleeper hit of the season is this Shia LaBeouf/Michelle Monahan headlined action-suspense flick. Thanks to a Steven Spielberg pedigree (he exec produced and came up with
the idea more than a decade ago), and trailers that leave you wanting more, we wouldn’t doubt a lot of eyes will be on this one. September 26

Quantum of Solace — The title on this new James Bond flick has us a little bewildered, but we have a feeling that Daniel Craig will make the explanation go down nice and easy. November 14

Bookworms’ Best Bets

Maybe it’s due to fall’s association with academics: Fall always welcomes a crop of brainy book-based films.

City of Ember — Bill Murray gets to play the evil ruler of an underground world in this kids’ book adaptation. As the lights go out in the City of Ember, two teens hunt for clues to save the
darkness-dwelling citizenry. October 10

Twilight — Fans of Stephenie Myers’ vampire romance series have already been bitten by Twilight mania. But even newbies to the sexy vampire-human realm are anxious to sink their teeth into this flick.
November 21

The Road — Cormac McCarthy got much love for last year’s Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men. Now his 2007 Pulitzer-winning tale of a father and son’s journey across a post-apocalyptic
landscape is already garnering similar buzz. And speaking of awards potential… November 26Next: Getting Ready to Thank the Academy

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