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The Top 10 songs of summer 2008

1. I Kissed A Girl: Katy Perry

Where to start with this instant classic from Katy Perry celebrating the lip lock with another woman?

From its introductory rhythm that seems borrowed from Gary Glitter’s Rock n’ Roll Part II(been to a sporting event lately…that song), to Perry’s coy introduction:

“This was never the way I planned, not my intention…”

What Perry did with I Kissed a Girlis become a sensation. Besides an insanely perfect pop confection, the British singer broke through the male dominated Warped Tour world. After spending the summer touring with the fist-raised crowd, Katy Perry is still the rage courtesy of a track that knows no genre boundaries and shows no signs of slowing in popularity as summer turns to fall.

Personally, I will never forget the taste of her cherry chapstick-laden rock n’ roll tribute to the powerful sensuality found in each and every woman of the world.

I Kissed a Girl will forever be remembered as the song that the country discussed more than any other in summer 2008. Check out the rest of our countdown, all songs do impeccably scream summer 2008, but, then there’s I Kissed a Girl. Perry is in a league by herself.

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