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The Top 10 songs of summer 2008

7. Shut up and Let Me go by the Ting Tings

The modern Blondie, the Ting Tings have taken over indie-pop with their unbelievably funky ditty that asks for the simplest of requests: Shut Up and Let Me Go.

If this song doesn’t make you tap your feet or at least get up and bop about, than a doctor may need to get involved. Just when the listener believes they know where Shut Upis going to take you, The Ting Tings make a U-Turn and send you to some other funky avenue of fabulous summer music magic.

6. Viva la Vida by Coldplay

Find a more perfectly crafted song during summer 2008 and the hat goes off in salute.

Coldplay announced its return after a several year absence with Viva la Vida, a bare-boned song whose resonance goes deeper with every listening.

Predictable, you may think about Coldplay’s place on this list, or perhaps, Violet Hill should have found its way to one of the songs of summer, but Viva la Vidais a song that belongs on a level all its own in the Coldplay library. It is one of their best, ever!

Rarely does the music industry produce a song that simultaneously compels its listener to take a perspective on life and at the same time dance in place with the reckless abandon of someone who believes the world is ending. Viva la Vida is the rock genre’s best song not only of the summer, but thus far, for calendar year 2008.

5. Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Every summer needs a song to grab the dance floor by the throat and in 2008 that track is Just Danceby Lady Gaga.

Who could forget the singer’s performance on So You Think You Can Dance that only solidified her position as a dance floor sensation that has a great chance to dodge the one-hit wonder bullet.

Up next, the final four of summer 2008

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