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Who was the surrogate for the Ricky Martin twins?

Ricky Martin recently announced he is the proud papa of twin babies, but the mother, a surrogate, has remained a mystery.

Who's the mama?

We now have a few details about the woman, and no, it is not his cousin as some reports have stated!

Although the woman’s name has not been released, sources say that the 26-year-old works for an agency that hooks up potential surrogates with hopeful parents-to-be. Ricky’s babies were the third time she had provided her service, and they were her second set of twins!

Before the birth, the sources continued, Ricky and the woman only met a couple of times, and the remaining contact was mainly through phone calls and emails. Ricky paid her medical bills and arranged for a weekly massage and housekeeper. And he was in San Diego with her when she gave birth!

Still, other details besides her name have not been disclosed. Who is the biological mother of the twins? Were the surrogate’s eggs used, or those of another woman? Has she provided her services to other celebs? Will she? The same sources say that the woman has no plans to stop renting her womb, so next year’s celebrity twins could be Ricky’s half-siblings!

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